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on 1/13/21 12:04 pm
VSG on 08/09/17
Topic: RE: Anyone NOT solve GERD with Sleeve to RNY revision?

I had revision and still have GERD. The good news is I went from erosive esophagitis D to A after revising back in May. I still take my PPI too and the caraffete. I dont have the burning all day long like before so that is better too.

on 1/12/21 8:28 pm
Topic: RE: Why why why???

Great inspiration.

on 1/12/21 12:37 pm - Belleville, IL
RNY on 08/03/16
Topic: RE: Have you had a revision? If so please discuss with me!

If you don't mind me asking where did you have your first surgery Donetsk what insurance....I live in Illinois but went through Washington university and currently in the process of getting a revision or DS...I have an appointment for surfer on in April

Mary H.
on 1/11/21 11:11 am - Gray Court, SC
Topic: RE: Tips and/or Tricks on how to survive the post-op liquid diet after bypass revision...anyone? HELP!

That is the hardest part of having a RNY done. We had to be on a liquid diet for one month prior to our surgery, not just after it. Six days before my surgery, it was canceled due to cir****tances not my fault and I had to remain on the liquids until they rescheduled it. I was originally scheduled for Oct.18 and it ended up being Oct. 31, Halloween. I thought I was going to die. I was determined to stick with it and by the time my surgery day came I didn't care about food or even drinking anything. I had no desire to eat after my surgery which was a good thing since I had to be on clear liquids for an additional 3 weeks. I felt like I would never be able to eat real food again. You must be very careful to allow your stomach to heal. I have heard of some ending back in the hospital due to eating and causing a leak in their pouch. Staying busy and letting someone else do the cooking will help. I am fortunate, my husband is the cook in the family. Full liquids came next and my first taste of real food was two tablespoons of strained cream of broccoli soup. That stage lasted two weeks then came pureed foods. I pretty much stuck with the full liquids since I have a issue with food texture and baby food texture is not my thing. I couldnt blend meats and veggies and eat them without gagging. By the time I got to real food I didn't have the desire to eat. Unfortunately that didn't last long. I wish you luck, the end result of being miserable for a while is worth it.

Mary H.
on 1/11/21 10:46 am - Gray Court, SC
Topic: RE: Revision Options - RNY 2007

Sorry that was suppose to be 2006. Didn't notice the typo till I hit send.

Mary H.
on 1/11/21 10:44 am - Gray Court, SC
Topic: RE: Revision Options - RNY 2007

My WLS physician made it clear that there would be no revisions done if we gained our weight back. He said that the revision does not work and any weight loss is minimal at best. I had my RNY done in 2005, I have gained a total of 20 pounds from my lowest weight after surgery. He said that 20 pounds gained back was actually the norm for most people. Everyone, with the exception of one person, that I became friends with during my journey, have gained all of the weight back and some even more than their original weight. I can eat normal, but I know my limitations and what not to eat. I have been struggling for the past 2 years to drop the 20 pounds but it is not coming off. Exercise, dieting, nothing has made that scale move. So I have come to the conclusion my body wants to stay where I am now and I need to accept it. Good luck but I would seriously reconsider trying a revision.

White Dove
on 1/10/21 9:38 pm, edited 1/10/21 1:39 pm

To attempt to attempt to have surgery covered for rashes, you need to have pictures of the rashes, records of the doctor visits for it, and records of the medicines that were prescribed for it.

Whether a revision is covered depends on your insurance policy. It is usually because something in the surgery has failed to help you to lose weight. A doctor would have to work with you on that.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 1/10/21 5:03 pm
Revision on 11/05/20
Topic: RE: Revision Options - RNY 2007

Joined WW digital this morning; I really reinstated my old membership...which is good because it showed me past weigh-ins, +/-, etc. I am starting 15 lbs less than my last weigh-in so that is strengthening my resolve ?. I feel more in control tracking. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience.

on 1/10/21 11:57 am

I had surgery March 2020 and I ended up pregnant I'm currently 5 months pregnant before I got pregnant I was getting bad rashes from the weight loss and I still am I wana know I have stay well I'm in Tampa Florida and I wana know if anyone knows if they cover a revision or if I'm able to get the cosmetic extra skin removal surgery from getting rashes since it would be consireded a medical issue ?

White Dove
on 1/10/21 8:52 am
Topic: RE: Revision Options - RNY 2007

A Weigh****cher point is approximately 50 calories. So for me I lose one pound a week on 16 points a day which is about 800 calories. When I get on a plan with more points I quit losing.

A woman needs 10 calories a day to maintain one pound of weight. So for me to maintain 136 which is my goal, I need 1360 calories a day. I round it up to 1400. That means I maintain on 28 points per day. To lose one pound a week, I eliminate 3,500 calories. That is 500 per day or 10 points less per day. So I would lose a pound a week on 18 points. I make it 16 points and use the free foods. If I did count free foods, it would be 18 points a day.

I joined Weigh****chers and became a lifetime member in 1973. So I have been through many programs and really understand how they all work. My large weight gain was the result of going on insulin for diabetes. The weight loss surgery was an attempt to put the diabetes in remission. I was up to 176 when the doctor suggested surgery. I wanted to do it on my own and ended up at 208 before I gave in and got the surgery.

I started regain at 30 months out. I was 142 when I went back to Weigh****chers. It is the only plan where I have been able to lose weight and never feel deprived of any food. If I really wanted to I would eat cookies or brownies all day as long as it did not exceed 18 points. I never did that but feel free to know that I could do it and still lose weight.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

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