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on 8/22/09 1:44 am, edited 8/22/09 1:51 am - VA
I posted a few days ago about how am I suppose to drink the gallon of (stuff).

1 lady answered that she sipped it all day long and drank most of it.

Another woman said she had pills called OsmoPrep, but they are supposedly hard on the kidneys so my surgeon would require a blood test, so I just said "gimme the drink".

I recieved my instructions today via mail and it is 4 liters of Nulytely and a total of 4 tablets of Bisacodyl.

Anyone had this prep?

I thought the drink was called Golytley???

I am going to go GOOGLE

I Googled and found where most who took the 4 tabs of Bisacodyl , drank less "stuff" called HalfLytely, and only had to drink half the amount, hence the name.

Teresa S.
on 8/22/09 3:59 am - Simpson, IL
Yes most doctors only require half gallon with the pills, but each doctor is different in what they want you to do. Some do have the same ways but if they have ever have had any problems then they want to change it so they have a clean surface to look at.  Follow his instructions they re for your own good.

I got the golytly powder that was lemonlime flavored and before I mixed the water in it i dumped in a container of crystal light lemonaid.(nurse said it was ok)  the size that makes a half gallon. It made the drink not too bad to drink, I started drinking at 2 pm and did just like we will have to do with liquids after wls surgery, sip sip sip all the time. I did get most of it down by bed time. I think that the majority of people never really get the whole thing down right to the last drop but that is the goal anyway.

Many surgeons have found adding the pills really helps. Before that you would have had to drink magnesium citrate. It is a bottle of liquid not too bad tasting that really make you go go.
But the pills seem easier for most people to get down so they have went to pills. I think the pills are easier since you already have to drink a gallon of the other anyway.

As far as people that just take pills. It is new and they don't ever recommend it to people with diabetes or other health issues.  The pills have caused some side effects for people like kidney problems and liver enzyme problems. You dont need that getting ready for wls..  So do what the doc says and all will be ok.

I am glad you research things online but remember the research is so that you can understand the process. Not so you can change what the doctor asks you to do. If you have any questions about change you have to ask him or his nurse. Please do not take it upon yourself to follow the online advice. Now on the other hand if you think your doctor is wrong then yes you need to question him.

Other wise just follow what you are told. He is the doctor you chose and you have to trust him to know what he is doing or you need to find another doctor. It will be the same after wls surgery. You have to trust your doctor. The people that follow the doctors orders are the ones that have the best results..

Teresa S. 


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on 8/22/09 5:23 am - Midlothian, VA
I have done this prep without problems.  Adopt a can do attitude.  It is amazing how fast our pouch emptys liquid.  I would suggest not eating the morning of the prep even if they say you can.  It's less in your system.  Good luck and vaseline your bum.  Loris

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on 8/22/09 5:42 am - middletown, CT
May I make a suggestion?? Instead of using vaseline on your bum, go out and get that numbing gel that is used for teething toddlers or adult tooth helps the burning that is the result of too much 'going'.....


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on 11/21/21 6:09 am - Harrisburg, PA
RNY on 04/19/21

Thanks for the Vaseline reminder!

on 8/22/09 7:32 am - essexville, MI
Instead of teething gel or vasaline I use something that can be bought at an adult store(around here it's called analease), It last quite a long time, and I use it for bug bites too, I take the name off the tube so my parents don't freak about what I use on the kids bug bites.
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