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on 4/16/10 12:12 am - IN
I've been home for one week, and all my nights have been spent on the couch except last night, which I spent in my own bed. I figured it had been almost three weeks (counting hospital time) that I hadn't slept next to my husband. What a mistake! I woke up in pain for sometime during my sleep I had rolled over onto my stomach. Hubby had to fetch the pain meds for me to even roll back over! Then several hours later I woke him up and said "I'm wet.". I had sweated so much I had wet sheets and pajamas. I think tonight I am back on the sofa so he can get some sleep. Plus there is no way I can turn onto my stomach when I'm on the sofa!
on 4/16/10 12:25 am
I am two weeks post op and I definately prefer the sofa. For some reason being completely stretched out makes me sore but I started sleeping in the bed a few nights ago and I kind of get stuck in one position usually my back and since I have never been a back sleeper it feels pretty bad, it still feels too weird when I try and sleep on my side I like the sofa because I sort of prop myself in different ways that are more comfortable.
on 4/16/10 12:27 am
((( Hugs )))  I hope you start feeling better soon! 

I'm not surprised about the night sweats; my hormones went wacky about a week after my surgery.  I have PCOS and don't normally get periods, but they returned with a vengeance.  I think it has something to do with estrogen that is stored in your body fat being released as you start to lose weight.

I slept on the couch for a few days too.  My lower back and bum got really sore from the hospital bed, and it took weeks for the pain around my tailbone to go away.

Keep your chin up, and take care!

Doesn't include 8 lbs lost pre-surgery        
on 4/16/10 1:11 am - Bear, DE
Wow...sorry to hear you're still having trouble with your sleeping arrangements.  I was fortunate enough to have been able to sleep in my bed from day one out of the hospital.  I can turn and sleep now in any position I chose.  Different people do progress at different rates.

Maybe with more pillows in the bed and less covering you'll be able to sleep in the bed.

May God bless us in all of our endeavors.  May He forgive us for our frailties and our vanities and bless us to be prosperous in health, soul, and in life.            
on 4/16/10 2:02 am, edited 4/16/10 2:02 am
Oh you poor thing! That was the hardest thing to go through. (not the husband thing, I got rid of mine long ago! :D)  I slept in my easy chair for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks afterward. I tried to do the bed too after 1 1/2 weeks, and my daugher had to come get her screaming mother out of the bed after I TRIED to roll off the bed to get up! :D  Pressing a small, firm pillow against the entry point can help alleviate the pain.  It does get less painful every day though, so do hang in there.
on 4/16/10 2:15 am - Box Elder, SD
I started sleeping comfortably in my bed around week 4 after surgery.  I just found that my loveseat was better because I could prop myself up a little bit and I could brace my feet on the armrest if I needed to reposition myself.  It was so nice to be able to get back into my bed and actually be comfortable.
Terry B.
on 4/16/10 4:40 am - Martinsville, IN
Like AAAAAAA I have been husbandless for many years now, so I get my whole queensized bed just for me (lies-also cats and dogs in the bed-but they do not crowd me).  I have slept in my bed since coming home, but the first night I got twisted around trying to get out of bed and had my legs hanging off the side and could NOT get up.  I hollared until one of the grandgirls came in, we laughed so hard I thought I would split something .  Only funny because I got help.  I have heard from many that sleep in recliners for this very reason for the first week or so.    Maybe you could try more pillows between you and the Hubby, or let him take a turn on the sofa?? 


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on 4/16/10 5:41 am - Inverness, FL
I have slept in my bed since day 1, for  the first couple of weeks i used a lot of pillows and slept really " propped" up. I found if I did that, with the pain killers, I did great. When I got out of bed, I was determined to do it alone, I shuffled to the edge of the bed then swung my feet around and kind of used them to pull while I pushed with my arms, worked great and was soon getting in and out with no problems, the more I did it the easier it was.
Jane M.
on 4/16/10 8:42 am - AL
I slept on the coach for the first few nights at home.  My hubby is soo sweet.  He slept on the coach with me.  The coach was better for getter up and down.  However, it was killing my back.  I am finally in the bed and I've been able to sleep on my side by propping pillows up on the side.  I can't wait to sleep on my stomach!
on 1/9/21 11:11 am, edited 1/12/21 7:19 pm

I think the first two-three weeks are the hardest for everyone. I was lucky to have a reclining sofa (we bought it here just before the surgery), so I slept there. Actually, I tried to sleep next to my husband, but no one could sleep at all. Though I took naps in bed during the day.

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