Non-food related destructive behavior

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My approach to this post-op process is my approach and I understand everyone is not like me, but from my observation I can say the following is true for a lot of us.

In our minds at least, a healthy sense of distrust in our natural tendencies feels like a part of our success plans. What I mean by that is that we intentionally don’t just eat what we feel like eating, exercise when we feel like exercising. We question hunger. We psycho-analyze cravings. We don’t assume that our minds are in tune with our body’s natural signals.


In my experience, so long as this lack of trust is more like a due diligence process (meaning you have ways of knowing when you are hungry, in need of food or anything else) it can be quite productive. But I wonder if we recognize the way these things manifest outside the realm of food.


There are a few things my mind has latched onto in lieu of the fact that I can no longer cram my body with massive amounts of crap food. At first, I latched onto peanut butter (all joking aside, my consumption of the stuff is not healthy, which is why it became my Lent promise. I’m proud to say no peanut butter yet for Lent and I may have to cut it out completely). But I recognize there are a few other things that replace it in my life. I have had a few non-food “transfer addictions" of varying types. I won’t name them (mine aren’t for the faint of heart) but let’s just say all of them have had the potential to devastate my life.


The thing that scared the hell out of me about both these things when I caught onto them is the fact that I was so busy scrutinizing my relationship with food that I missed the red flags popping up about my other behaviors. Thankfully, I have forthright friends and family who confronted me about them, but I wonder if we place so much emphasis on food related behavior that we miss other behavior changes that might harm us?

No definitive answers from me, just thoughts. What do you think?

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H.A.L.A B.
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Holly E.
on 3/25/11 1:24 am

I have been totally thinking about this topic as I stretch out into the living more.  It is beautiful weather and we are enjoying some summer time fun and it is so easy to see how many things there are out there to distract me from my goal. 

Right now I am straddling the fence on having a little bit of fun and working out and staying the course.  I am keeping VERY close tabs on things because I don't trust myself completely.


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on 3/25/11 3:01 am - TX
I don't think, as a fat person for the last twenty years, I have ever or WILL ever have any feelings about food and drink that are not overanalyzed. Even post RNY. Everything is "good" and "bad" with me...and food is generally "bad" and if I enjoy it, I am bad. I hope to see those things in a different light someday.

As for transfer addictions and those types of things; I totally expect it and I hope I can watch for it and not try to deny it. I have an addictive personality and food hasn't been my only downfall in the past. Its a slippery slope.