RALLY CRY! Down with surgeon's offices trying to bug you out about your progress!!!

on 3/25/11 5:33 am - Baltimore, MD

My surgeon's office is fine, but lately I've heard a lot of things surgeons or surgical staff have said to patients that is either a) flatout incorrect b) discouraging to the point of inciting our neurotic behavior into a self fulfilling prophecy of failure or c) just plain butt-holeish.

Down with surgeons who don't uplift their patients! Down with staff who make sweeping generalizations! Down with staff who gladly take your money for surgery and don't even bother to keep up with the latest science on THEIR specialty!

Down! Down! DOWN!!!!

If you're following your plan, eating well, moving your body, drinking your water, taking your vitamins AND dealing with this lifestyle WITHOUT jumping off a damn cliff...you're doing well in my book.

Thankfully my book is the one that REALLY matters.

That is all.

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on 3/25/11 5:41 am
I am so fortuante that my surgeon's office has a supportive and well educated staff.  There is almost nothing they won't do to help us be successful, and no question they won't try to answer.  The support we get in this program is amazing.  but I know from reading other posts that I am very lucky.
Lady Lithia
on 3/25/11 5:54 am
I get so angry when I hear people come here and say "My surgeon says my progress is awful" and you look at their progress and it's the kind you WISH you had at that stage but didn't...and you want to kick the surgeon in the balls for being an unrealistic sadistic putz!

I'm glad my surgeon didn't actually have a goal for me (or tell me if he did)..... because I'm doing fine thankyouverymuch.

Some surgeons seem to be into bariatric surgery for the wonderful, positive transformative experience they have with their patients.

Some seem to be in it out of a real detestation of fat (and by extension, fat people)

Some just want the bucks.

My surgeon might haev rotten bedside manner, and he might be in it for the bucks, but damn he has good hands and is awesome at what he DOES. (though I doubt he's in it for the bucks, as he wasn't paid a CENT for his surgery on me)

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H.A.L.A B.
on 3/25/11 6:15 am, edited 3/25/11 6:16 am
We have 2 doc in my doc center. My doc and the other surgeon. My doc is absolutely fantastic, but since he is so busy, the other doc took over some follow up visits for him. Well... I had a few appointments with him... and being a large frame... my body fat got really low while my overweight was 10 lbs above the "normal" BMI... When I expressed a concern that I do not think I should be losing anymore weight (I did look rather thin and unhealthy at that point) the doc looked at me and asked me why I do not want to "normal BMI", and told me that I can still benefit in losing 10 lbs... BTW: I was tired all the time, had no energy and my body fat was 16%.... right....
After that I refused to see him...
Now I only see my doc.

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Kim S.
on 3/25/11 6:44 am - Helena, AL
I have to tell you:  I've pretty much been on my own for aftercare.  They gave me some photocopies for the early days, but never really impressed upon me to meet with a NUT or instructed me on what to do after that initial phase.

They are adamant about vitamins and always ask to make sure I'm taking them, but never really any discussion about my eating.  He does always ask to make sure I'm exercising though.

I only see them once a year now.  I really decided before I had the surgery that I better take control of the situation and educate myself, which I've done.