One year today -- and hey folks -long time!

on 3/30/11 1:36 pm - IN
Wow - how fast a year can go by. Today marks one year since my RNY, and I am ashamed to say I did not reach goal. In fact I have gained 7 pounds. I even postponed my 12 mo. appt with my surgeon just buy me some time and try to lose it. I feel like I failed.

Don't make me add pounds to my ticker -- LOL! That's just too humiliating.

PS - is anyone having spring yet? It freaking snowed here today!
on 3/30/11 2:24 pm - Dayton, OH
Snowed here in Dayton today too.   December seemed more like January; now March feels more like February.   I just hope we have a nice spring and don't jump right into summer.

Keep working to hit goal.  You know what you need to do!   Good luck!

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on 3/30/11 4:10 pm, edited 3/30/11 4:10 pm - San Jose, CA
HI KerryJean. It has been a long time. How have you been? Don't worry about reaching goal in the first year. I haven't, but then sometimes I think my body is just happy where it's at and this is goal. Are you healthier? More active? Feel better? Move more? Those are the things you should look at and realize just what a success you are. Just keep following your plan, exercise, and enjoy your new life. Just look at how much you have accomplished in one year, and think about where you would be if you didn't have the surgery.

Happy Surgerversary!

BTH, the rain has finally stopped (after what seemed like 2 weeks straight) and it was a beautiful 83 degrees out today.
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Lady Lithia
on 3/30/11 4:13 pm
I think it's supposed to be 98 here tomorrow.... What's Spring?

It's nice to see you!

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on 3/30/11 4:30 pm - Chicago, IL
Isn't amazing how fast one year goes by?!!!  It's been over 2 years for me and I still have not reached my elusive goal weight.  I am a slow loser.

After my 1 year anniversary, I remember how upset I was having gained weight when I weighed in with my PCP.  But, I then resumed an extremely determined weight loss momemtum and subsequently went on to lose over 20 pounds by my 2nd anniversary.

Today at about 28 months out, I am now at a normal BMI and  just a few pounds away from goal.

I realize that I must weigh myself every day.  I have to stay on top of this weight gaining issue.  I am committed to the scale and daily weigh-ins.

It seems like here in my part of the Midwest, we are sloooooooooowly entering Spring.  We've had a long winter.

I think I'll do some powershopping at Old Navy this weekend.

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on 3/30/11 7:28 pm

Congratulations on your excellent weight loss!  You have nothing to be ashamed of!  I gained some weight too (11 lbs), and I am now working to get the weight off.  Don't give up.  You have not failed at all!

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on 3/30/11 9:09 pm - Spring Arbor, MI
I'm going today for my one year post-op appointment. I have not reached goal either, but am confident that I will, it is just going to be harder for the last few pounds I want to lose. My weight has fluctuated between 170 and as high as 175. Today I'm at 172 and I wonder if that is were my body wants to be at. I wear a size 12 pants and a large or sometimes medium shirt. If I were to stay where I am right now I would be happy. Unfortunately I know about robound weight gain so I'm wanting to lose another 10-15 pounds for a cushion. Some people make goal weight by 1 year and some don't. You are not a failure by any means, just keep plugging away and you will get there. No spring here yet. It is starting to warm up's around 40ish and compaired to last month...a heat wave.
on 3/31/11 2:39 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
Nice to hear from you.  I hit goal at 23 months - just keep following your plan and it will happen.
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Kelly S.
on 3/31/11 2:50 am
Hey Kerry, I feel ya!  I should probably be asking you to send me back the clothes I sent you last year. At that time they were too big... now probably fit me fine.. LOL

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on 3/31/11 7:21 am - Midlothian, TX
No one ever said you had to reach goal by a year... why are you a failure?  I'm a year out, but I'm not at goal yet.  i have 10 pounds to go, but I'd be perfectly happy right were I am now if I didn't lose another pound.

You look great, I'll bet you feel great, and you still have some losing left in you.  It's a journey, it doesn't just stop because you hit a year!

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