I can't believe I finally got approved!

on 4/1/11 3:07 am - cleveland, OH

I've tried 3 times over the past 15 years to have gastric bypass surgery. All three times, denied but not this time!! I got approved in 10 days and my surgery is April 11th. I'm so completely thrilled and can't wait to have a healthier life.

on 4/1/11 3:21 am - PA
congrats.  your new life vwill begin in just 9 days!!!!!!!!  exciting and terrifying at the same time.  wish u nothing but the best on this journey


on 4/1/11 3:50 am - franklin, GA
so has anyone had to do the insurance requirement of 6 months of weigh in etc........
on 4/1/11 3:30 am - cleveland, OH
Thanks Fran! Looks like your doing great!
on 4/1/11 3:48 am - CA
Congratulations! That's got to be an amazing feeling! I can't wait to know that feeling too. I go for my all done appointment on Monday and they'll submit all my paperwork to insurance. I'm SO nervous, but reading awesome stories like yours helps me keep my hopes up! Can't wait to hear about your progress!!!

HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 4/2/11 3:46 am - cleveland, OH
Thanks! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too! Remember, it doesn't aleays happen the first time but you have to keep trying and never give up! I will pray it goes through for you! Amy
on 4/1/11 3:49 am - franklin, GA
well congrats.. i am in process of gettin my insuarance approval...... letters from drs have been written and i have to do a diet 6 month plan and a dietician  meeting  and then i should have met all the requirments.. i'm so ready for a new life new style of me..... .again good luck and keep me posted would love to stay in touch... Debbie
on 4/2/11 3:43 am - cleveland, OH
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Debbie! I had to do the 6 month diet and lost 60 pounds! Stay positive! Amy
on 4/1/11 5:58 am - Bakersfield, CA
Congrats to you! My sugery is on April 13th. It's coming up quick. I am so excited as I bet you are too!

on 4/2/11 3:42 am - cleveland, OH
Good luck Kandis! It will be an adventure for us both! Amy