Looking for a new doctor

on 4/17/11 11:28 pm - Brooklyn, NY
I am looking for a doctor that will understand my digestion. Has anyone had any luck finding one that truly understands post-bariatric surgery patients who is not a surgeon?


Lady Lithia
on 4/17/11 11:57 pm
My PCP is the closest I have come. It helps that his wife, mom, and a barrage of other members of his family have had WLS ....all with my surgeon.

Most people aren't as blessed as me.

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on 4/18/11 2:18 am - Brooklyn, NY
Sounds like you got lucky. Hope I do, too!


on 4/18/11 12:45 am - NH
I also have a wonderful PCP who understands my needs. He has been wonderful about researching my medication needs as well.

Good luck finding someone good!

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on 4/18/11 8:01 am - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks, Martha. I'm just getting tired of arguing with doctors over my needs, and begging for mitamin levels to be checked regularly.


on 4/18/11 3:12 am
I am really lucky with my PCP too. He has had plenty of patients that have had RNY, but none that have gone to Mexico to have it done!! He finds that a trip, and is now recommending it to his other patients who get denied by their insurance! he is also not afraid for me to be proactive about my care either. He is impressed with my knowledege (alot of which I learned from here!) and doesn't mind me "schooling" him in some stuff! On the other hand his P.A. is not as excited to listen to what I have to say and seems offended when I give him ideas or correct some of the myths that evidently he takes as true. I only will see my PCP now. I guess you just have to look around, call offices, make appts and tell them nothing is wrong and you just want to get to know the doc...I would!!!
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on 4/18/11 8:50 am - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks, Anni.

I'm really going to try for a good doctor that understands again. I had one, but it was by luck, before I moved to NY.


Karen O.
on 4/18/11 4:44 am - Weirton, WV
Thankfully my PCP had WLS as well (the Lap-band), so he's very familiar and has been extrememly supportive of my endeavors with this. Your best bet is to find a few doctors and go interview them (call and make an appt). Find one that YOU are comfortable with - after all, you are trusting this person with your body and your life.

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on 4/18/11 9:45 am - Brooklyn, NY
Karen you make a good point. Thanks. I will try several docs, if needed.


on 4/18/11 2:40 pm
Just wanted to say Hi Wendy!  Nice to see you post..... it has been awhile!  How are you doing?  :)

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