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Has anyone had this problem? I am having pain under my right breast. It feels like in my ribs. Has anyone else had this problem. I do have huge breasts. Could losing weight  make my ribs sore? I don't see my doctor until the first week in May,

Lady Lithia
on 4/19/11 2:59 pm
If it gets bad,, call your surgeon.

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Carla M.
on 4/19/11 11:57 pm
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I have pain there too. My surgeon told me that, if I don't have my gall bladder, there is nothing to worry about. I have noticed that, if I don't wear a good bra, my ribs are sore. Darn thos big boobs!!!!! They're not as perky and I'm thinking that, maybe, it's the way the weight of them is distributed differently that might cause the pain. Who knows.
on 4/20/11 3:04 am
Have your doc check for costochondroitis. I have it and found out after surgey that losing breast weight made my chest pull on the underlying tendons. The pain you feel could be tendonitis from losing the weight in the breast area. I had to go to an underwire bra and the pain went away. To this day going without an underwire for a couple days brings the pain back in the same place. Check with your doc to rule out anything else more serious, but it's common for weight loss women to lose in the boobs and they sag a bit pulling on underlying tissue-muscle and tendon. Hope this helps.
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