I finally had my RNY!!

on 4/20/11 11:22 am - cleveland, OH
I had my surgery last Monday 4/11/11. Everything went perfect, no complications. I came home two days later and feel great. My first day home, I actually went shopping at a outlet mall for four hours. I returned to work Monday, only needing a week off! I feel back to normal, and have started walking everyday too. I never feel hungry and have to remind myself to eat/drink. I've read so many posts over the last few years waiting to get approved, and never ever thought it would be so easy like this. I'm just following the rules and thanking God everyday for this tool to change my life. Oh, and I lost ten pounds the first week! Thanks OH for all my questins always answered.
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on 4/20/11 11:27 am - Missoula, MT
 Congratulations on the quick recovery!!  I hope mine goes as well as yours!  Keep up the good work!
on 4/20/11 11:27 am - OR
on 4/20/11 11:34 am - cleveland, OH
Thanks! I read from several people that getting up and walking helps with healing. So, the first night in the hospital I started walking the halls and did so every hour. I think he really helped.