HELP! I think I need a bigger work bag for all of my food information!

on 4/21/11 6:41 am
I've been trying to buckle down and get back on track so I've been trying anything I can think of to help.  So, I bought a new notebook to journal my food in that I take everywhere with me, a book that has calorie ect counts on EVERYTHING so I can track in said journal and a new pill organizer (7 day organizer is HUGE!) to make sure I'm taking my vitamins, no matter what LOL  So, now when I go to work or somewhere else, I'm taking all of these things and they take up more room in my work bag than my actual work stuff LOL  I think I'm going to have to pick out a new work bag (oh darn, more shopping) that can haul all of this stuff around.  Or maybe I need to downsize something?  LOL  I have found that I need to actually write things down to track them and not do it on a computer.  I don't know why that is, but that's what works for me.  I bought a new spiral notebook, but would really like an actual food journal...anyone have one they use?  Or have made and can help me make my own?  Thanks always you're great with your advice and help!  
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on 4/21/11 6:58 am - PA
I bought a diet minder..personal food and fitness journal at Barnes and Noble.  It is the greatest.  It has a place for breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks plus a place to keep track of your vitamins and physical activity.  I think it was around $15.
on 4/21/11 7:25 am
 I use the Diet minder, too. I tried several of the online sites to track food, and discovered that I prefer actually writing it all down. ercise/dp/0963796836/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=13034210 05&sr=1-1

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on 4/21/11 9:13 am - TX
I track all of my food on my phone with I also brought a small supply of all my vitamins to work and keep them in my desk, and I have several things in the fridge and cabinets at work, probably a weeks worth of food and spare protein. I realize not everyone can do that though. Still, I tend to make two trips to my car every morning to get in my laptop bag, my purse, whatever I am drinking plus all my stuff, so I feel your pain.
on 4/21/11 9:47 am
I think I'm going to try out that Diet might be just what I'm looking for.  I have tried and tried computer programs and phone apps, but I just don't do it like I should.  For some reason, I'm more accountable when I write it down, go figure LOL

I wish I could leave stuff at work, but we have very rude and greedy co-workers, that even if you mark your food, they will eat it if they are hungry.  But they are the first ones to complain if someone does it to them.  I do have one Weigh****cher meal in the freezer and that's it.  I haul things back and forth daily because someone will eat it.  It's just rude and when I brought it up to my boss as stealing, he just laughed at me and told me to take my stuff home at night.  But now I'm off track LOL 

I'm going right now to that link and checking it out!  Thanks!  :)
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on 4/21/11 1:14 pm - FL
for me just being 2 weeks post op..i have a notebook, i draw a line down the middle of the paper..on the left i keep track of my water..on the right side, i keep track of what i eat, i allow myself 30 ,min to eat and then have to wait an hour after i get done eating so that is why i time things... what time i take vitamins, so that i can keep the 2 hour window from the caclium and far it has been helping me... at the end of the day i total everyting up on each side...i may change later on...but so far it has been working for me..
have a great day
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