NSV- Yes, they still happen at almost 4 years out!

on 4/21/11 10:06 am - Brooklyn, NY
I live in NYC, and have really been enjoying the city. Yesterday I'd taken my son to Times Square, and on the way back, we were walking toward the big Macy's at Herald Square. I saw a dress in a window that I loved. Five minutes later, I was walking out with a size medium of the same dress in a bag. I can shop at any store now! I was so happy that I modeled the dress for hubby and cried.

I love my life now. I have spent several days this week with my son walking all over varying parts of New York. I can't wait until tomorrow to spend the day at the Museum of Natural History with him!

4 years ago I would have done some of this, but not all. I'd also be in huge amounts of pain during it. Now I take the camera and take tons of pics!


Kathy B.
on 4/21/11 10:13 am - ME
That is so awesome!
on 4/21/11 10:15 am - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks, Kathy!


on 4/21/11 10:47 am - Endicott, NY
Good for you!  When it's my turn to speak at our support group I always start out by saying my name and that numbers don't matter now, I'm just living and loving life.  It's an awsome feeling....

I am perfectly content being perfectly UN-perfect

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on 4/21/11 11:26 am - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks! And yes, life is what matters.


Mary C.
on 4/21/11 11:02 am - Canada
SO right Wendybear - the NSV's still happen no matter how far out we are! Way to go!

on 4/21/11 11:26 am - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks, Mary!


on 4/21/11 11:33 am
I love this post!  My twins are my reason for everything, and I know exactly how you feel!  Two days ago, I took them to the zoo and we walked and walked and had a wonderful time.  In the past, I either wouldn't have gone, or would have gone and been in horrible pain the whole time.  I would have been miserable and now I had a ball!!!

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on 4/21/11 12:01 pm - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks, Melissa!


on 4/21/11 11:51 am
Thank you for sharing this!!  It's so inspiring!  I worry that the "thrills" will be done after the first year and a half....glad to know they keep on coming.  Congratulations!! 
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