5 months out and need help

Laura R.
on 4/26/11 6:20 am - PA

I was 5 months post RNY on April 19th. To date, I am down 108 pounds. I am not complaining in the least! However, I am unsure of how much I should be consuming at this time? Should I be counting calories per day or worry more about the quantity at each meal or both at this point? I shoot for 800-1000 calories. Is that too much? I am not sure and I have hit a serious stall for about the last 5 weeks and don't know what to do. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Amy R.
on 4/26/11 6:48 am
Have you called your surgeon or NUT? They can probably tell you what they want you to be eating and how much.

Also, just fyi, whenever I hit a stall, I would add an extra protein shake or two. It always broke the stall after I'd been doing it for a couple of days - and I still use this if I start to put on weight.

But since you're still relatively early out, you might want to start with your surgeon or NUT.

Good luck to you on your journey.
Price S.
on 4/26/11 10:23 am - Mills River, NC
My plan still doesn't count calories.  4-5 meals a day, 2 oz protein, 2 oz veggies or fruid, 2 protein drinks a day.  For me, that ends up being 700-850 calories usually, 100+ gms of protein. 
Stalls happen and as long as you are getting your protein, fluid and staying with your plan, you should start losing again.  My 5th month was slow then it picked up again.

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on 4/26/11 10:53 am
Hi :)

I am almost 5 months out too...I just broke a three week stall so I know what a bummer it is!

My plan calls for under 1000 cals and less than 100 carbs.

I track everything on sparkpeople.

My average has been 850 cals and 60 carbs..I keep my fat gr at around 30. My net carbs are even lower because I do high fiber grains/veggies. Sometimes a treat here and there...dark chocolate, baked tostitos, etc...

You are doing great!!

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on 4/27/11 1:40 am - PA
RNY on 11/03/10 with
Surgery around the same time and the same stall. It sucks majorly... I've started to take in more water, protein and working out more.

Wishing us both luck!!! I posted a similar question a few days ago and the consistent answer was around this time we stall. They actually said around 6, 9 and 12 months are typical times to stall.
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