Which non chewable Centrum should I take???

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I hate chewables. Been using the BA ones since my surgery and am sick of them! I need a great non chewable and i know Centrum has been discussed. I am 44 year old female. Which should I use? I also take B complex, B12, Calcium citrate, BA vitamin D3. iron 3 x daily. If Centrum do I also take it twice a day like the BA ones now?

Thanks so much! I tried searching but only found one post!

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on 5/2/11 6:28 am

Centrum silver or Centrum for woman.
Almost any centrum.
You will need 2 times a day.
you not taking magnesium? why not? 
it is good to make siure you get 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio 

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on 5/2/11 7:25 am - saint peters, MO
Haven't heard of us needing magnesium too??! I must have missed that memo! :(
Thanks by the way!

Jo from UK living in MO!         
SW 232/ GW 140/ CW 140! 
on 5/2/11 8:13 am
As the previous poster stated, any Centrum is fine. I choose to take the one without iron so I can take it with my calcium, since trying to take them separately had me needing too many vitamin breaks and I would miss half of them in the day. Now I take my multi 2x/day with my calcium and magnesium; then I take my iron alone at night. I take my other supplements first thing in the morning (extra D, probiotic, B12).

It may not be ideal, but at least this way I get them all in during the day. Labs are good (just done in March) so it must be working.

The magnesium aids in the absorption of the calcium and helps with constipation if that is a problem, too.

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on 5/2/11 10:09 am
You shouldnt take Iron with Calcium. Calcium inhibits the absorption of Iron! But I also agree any Centum is fine thats what I am taking!

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on 5/2/11 9:36 pm - saint peters, MO
Thanks everyone! I thought it was the D3 that helped with absorption of calcium? Oh well..off to get my Centrum and magnesium today!
Jo from UK living in MO!         
SW 232/ GW 140/ CW 140! 
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