Waiting for Approval - Scheduled for next Mon (5/16)- ADVICE?!

on 5/9/11 12:21 am - PA
Hello all,

Any last minute advice or wish-I-would-have-knowns for someone scheduled to have surgery next Monday?? I am getting really nervous. I just had my last surgeon appointment last Wed and am just waiting on approval (fingers crossed!). I am nervous about the surgery in general, and also about the recovery. But the nervousness is also combined with EXCITEMENT!!!! I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! Let me know if there was anything you wish you had known! Also, is anyone else scheduled for that date? Thanks!!!

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Penny V.
on 5/9/11 12:44 am - Orleans, MA
My biggest advice is to start eating like you will after the surgery. Mindful eating, small bites, chew several times so it is like mush.

Bring very little to the hospital. You will not be reading, maybe a magazine - post anesthesia will keep you from reading any novels, etc.

Have sugar free jello and pudding on hand for after surgery at home.

And, my biggest suggestion is to have Biotene mouthwash for post-op. You will get swabs to moisten your mouth but it will be like a desert (that is dry sand not dessert LOL) and I found the Biotene to be my lifesaver.

I also suggest that you have an advocate, spouse, parent, sibling, friend to be there with you to make sure everything goes as planned. They can act on your behalf and help keep you comfortable - the nurses and CNAs typically have a high patient load and have a difficult time paying the attention to each patient as needed.

Good luck - and you are about to embark on the best thing you can do for yourself. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
on 5/9/11 3:12 am - Abbotsford, Canada
 I am scheduled for my surgery on Monday as well !!! After seeing the nutritionalist and the anethesiologist I am feeling more relaxed about it all. You can add me if you like :)
on 5/9/11 5:27 am, edited 5/9/11 5:32 am - Chesapeake, VA

Hi - I am right behind you guys w/my RNY on 5/18. I must say that I have almost developed an addiction to OH while I have preparing for my upcoming WLS. There is a lot of good information to be found. While the suggestions so far are great, you may want to look at cassandraDR's 4-18 posting of basically the same question where you will find a few additional items in her responses. Aside from the basics, i.e. toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant etc., I found these to be worthy of consideration:

Gas-X Strips (opinions vary on this item as walking/movement seems to be the overall recommendation for trapped gas). Probably should check w/your Dr to see if he has any problem w/the use of these

Baby wipes - useful in wiping off perspiration from pain meds as well as hygiene area

One veteran suggested bringing peppermint tea bags in a Ziploc bag to smell during bouts of nausea

Ear plugs - Another interesting item suggested given hospital noises. We all know how difficult it can be to try and rest in a hospital.

Pardon if this is considered TMI : Extra underwear and sanitary napkins as many women experience the onset of periods right after surgery. The hospital supplies are, shall we say, not the greatest.

Several people suggest using hospital gowns instead of personal garments due to the possibility of stains. If personal things are taken, gowns have been suggested over PJ's for ease of movement and potty visits.

One last suggestion: Consider having your loved one leave your overnight bag in the car until you are in your room. That saves them from having to move it around the various areas during your procedure (including the cafeteria if they go there while you are in the OR.)

I wish you the best of luck.....Happy Shrinking...

on 5/9/11 12:26 pm
I am also scheduled for next Monday the 16th.  Today my nerves and anxiety started, I think its finally hitting me that I am getting the surgery next week!  I can't wait to join the loser's bench.

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on 5/10/11 12:40 am - PA

Penny- Thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely stock up in my overnight bag!

Ah! I am excited to find people that are going in around the same time. We can follow each others progress! I also find I am addicted to OH, I think its the anticipation making me live vicariously through other peoples success! LOL. I agree with you kandl- I am definitely getting more anxious the closer it comes!

Momx4Kids, Rusty & kandl03 -I hope you dont mind, I added you since we are having surgery around the same time!

Good luck to us all, looking forward to seeing all our progress!

Surgery Weight: 287 * Surgeon Goal: 170 * Personal Goal: 155 * 5'7, 25yrs old

Surgery Date: Mon, May 16th 2011
Current Weight 6/12: 259

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