Back Pain increase?

on 5/12/11 5:10 am - Seward, AK
I have a curved spine, collapsed disk, off balance hips, and one leg that is shorter then the other so I have always had back pain and always will. Usually its around a 1 with occasional days it going to a 2 or 3. Usually I would use Icy hot patches and Advil and within a couple days it would go back to a 1.

Recently its more of a 2 or 3 and flaring up to a 4 or so a couple times a week.

Anyone else have more back pain as they loose weight? I've lost almost 50 lbs since surgery.

I know my back will never be perfect but I figured loosing weight would make it better- not worse.

Or maybe I'm just have a bad back month?

on 5/12/11 6:27 am
I have not lost that much weight yet, but this came up breifly at my past support group. They said that your center of gravity shifts when you lose a lot of weight, and that back pain is normal. There was a woman presenting about Aquatic Physical Therapy and how that can help to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding your spine to help it stay in line.  Maybe a chiropractor or physical therapy might help?

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(17 lbs lost pre-op)
on 5/12/11 7:22 am - Seward, AK
That makes sense about my center of gravity shifting- glad to hear its not just me or my imagination.

Chiropractor would definitely make me feel better however I have no insurance, the closest one is over 2 hours away and I work 7 days a week - 14 hour days lol.  So not really an option for me at this point or I would be going for sure.


on 5/12/11 7:38 am - Saint Paul, MN
 I am having a lot more back pain, too. I have a chiro but stopped going to him a few months ago because I felt fine... until after surgery. As you sit around healing for a month and are doing less than your body is used to even after that time you lose muscle because you arent exercising it as much. When there is less core muscle strength your back and other areas will start to suffer. I did pool therapy after a car accident a couple years ago and LOVED it! I think you should try it if it is available.
on 5/12/11 10:10 am
Yes, I have had really bad back pain, since after my surgery (when I started loosing)till now and I'm about 5 1/2 months out and close to goal with a normal BMI. I though by now it would have gotten better but it hasn't (it's so bad sometimes its like an an abcessed tooth type of pain)Someone mentioned it could have something to do with our bodies adjusting and especially our stomaches, where before they stuck out and now their is loose skin, and it pulls on our backs and shoulders more. Just a thought! I'm hoping maybe a tummy tuck will help mine. If not, I'm kinda at a loss.
on 5/12/11 1:40 pm - KY
has it rained alot in your area lately? . i have back problems and it has rained so much and since it  has been. my back is been breaking.. after awhile we set up arthritis in our bones and i believe it gets worse when it rains ..
on 5/13/11 3:49 am - Seward, AK
Nope- nice and sunny here! I know why my back hurts I just don't really understand why it hurts more since I've lost weight.

on 5/13/11 3:55 am - KY
maybe where your posture has changed. im only guessing but i noticed where you have so many issues with your back and then one leg longer than the other . when you were heavy . you held yourself a certain way to maintain your balance. now that you are losing weight . maybe you are standing different then your used to .      maybe straighter upwards than usual. maybe the change in the way you hold yourself is doing it . if it continues to be overwhelming i would def go see my dr. no one should have to live in pain every single day ... idk