on 5/13/11 11:18 pm - FL
some one please tell me how to change my background please
on 5/14/11 12:29 am - Chesapeake, VA
Good Morning - if you go under the help tab you will find how to "customize".  Basically you go under setting on the left side menu list, choose profile, then "look and feel".  I had to play around with it for a while.  I Googled "blog separators" for my page,  I found Photo Bucket had quite a large variety of sujects - and they are free w/permission to download,

Look at the bottom of the  "higher-tech" profile pages  like some members have  they will give credit to the person who helped them create it along with a link for contacting that person. 

Have fun.
on 5/14/11 5:28 am - FL
Thanks so much for that information. It was very helpful to me, and good luck with your journey
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