Surgery Monday - 3 days out, home from hospital

on 5/18/11 4:09 am - PA
Hi all,

Just wanted to update everyone that I am home from the hospital. Had the surgery Monday at 7am. Was walking that evening and was walked several times yesterday. Everything seems to have went fine (although the dilaudid made me super queasy). My only issue now is my stomache and back hurt. I am have been told by the nurses that this is most likely due to the gas they pumped in my stomache still hasnt worked its way out. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for the support everyone. Hope that everyone else that had surgery around this time is complications-free!!


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on 5/18/11 4:13 am - Byron, GA
Congrats!  Hang in there for the next couple weeks and take it easy!  The first 10 days or so were really hard for me.  I had huge remorse and wondered what in the world I had done.  Thankfully, I didn't have a lot of pain and didn't take pain medicine after I came home.  Good luck on this journey!!
Cheryl Allan
on 5/18/11 4:16 am - Canada
Welcome to the loosers bench and I had no issues after surgery, but a lady who was in with me had the same pain you are having and it was gas, remember to walk as much as you can the more you walk the sooner you will feel better.......
Cheryl Allan

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on 5/18/11 4:20 am - MA
I know that the first 3 weeks after surgery were horrible for me.  I've never felt like that.  But each week I felt stronger and so much better.  And the weight coming off really helped to make me happier and see what I had done this for!
Karly Green
on 5/18/11 6:56 am - Middletown, NJ
yea that's the gas. Walking will definitely help with that.
Congratulations on your new life!!!

Remember, walk and sip, walk and sip.
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on 5/18/11 8:07 am - PA
Thanks everyone! So far I havent taken any pain meds since I got back from the hospital, and I have been trying to walk...

Surgery Weight: 287 * Surgeon Goal: 170 * Personal Goal: 155 * 5'7, 25yrs old

Surgery Date: Mon, May 16th 2011
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Lisa R.
on 5/18/11 8:10 am - CA
 I had surgery 2 weeks too the minute before you!  May 2nd at 7am.  I am now 2 weeks and 3 day out.  The first week so hard and yes I totally had that same pain. 


Even just a few feet around your house.  Get up and down and much as you can.  This might sound gross but you need to fart as much as possible.  I think I sort of forgot how to pass gas at first, but then I first did it was so awesome, I felt so much better.

Use the pain meds, at least once a day.  They allow to relax and feel good and rest, you need that.

I returned to work a week after surgery, I think one more week off would have been better.  Now I feel much better, getting back to normal and having no issues (knock on wood).  In the first week I did have what my doctor refered to as "Byer's remorse" I wondered what the heck I had just done to myself.  I am over that now.

It's a big change.  This site has helped me in the past 2 days that I found it.  I wish I had found it sooner!
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on 5/18/11 10:29 am - PA
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the info. I am also scheduled to go back to work next Monday - one week to the day.I am thinking being busy, I wont be focused on eating/not eating.

I have been trying to walk as much as possible - I went to RiteAid and grocery store today. I am slowwwwwly passing gas and I can hear my stomache making noise. Hopefully this passes soon. I have been hiccuping a ton - which hurts!

I have not taken any pain meds yet, but plan on taking a dose before bed so I can sleep.

If you dont mind, I am gonna add you as a friend as we had surgery close and seem to have the same gas issue - ew!

Surgery Weight: 287 * Surgeon Goal: 170 * Personal Goal: 155 * 5'7, 25yrs old

Surgery Date: Mon, May 16th 2011
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on 5/18/11 10:32 am - PA
Congratulations and keep going!  Where in PA are you?  I'm in Beaver County. 

I too have a bad reaction to Dilaudid (twice previous to this) and actually had it put on my allergy list.  Day two, I had a nurse not read or check and injected me with it.  Probably the biggest problem I had.  It took 2 1/2 days to get rid of that headache.  I made sure everyone knew, obviously the docs office, the anesthesiologist, it's even on my freaking living will.  My husband and daughter were sitting in the room and she came in, and said since you've asked 3 times (the only time I asked) and said you're pain was at a 6, I gave it to...I got approval from the pharmacy.  Right after she injected me, my husband asked, what was that?  And we all sighed heavily and I yelled, it's on my allergy band.  Fortunately it was only one dose.  Her only comment was, I checked with the pharmacy and they said those are side effects not an allergy.  How many times can you tell them you do not want a drug.  The docs offfice specifically wrote in the orders I was to be given morphine only, not dilaudid.  
Ok, end rant on that.

I think everyone feels the gas afterwards.  They actually brought me this heating pad thing which warm water ran through (from a machine) for my shoulder.  But walking and moving help.  The best thing that helped me was twisting a little on each side while lying down.

on 5/18/11 11:15 am - PA
Hi Fran,

We are close - Im in Allegheny (Greentree to be specific!).

Ughhhhh - I thought nausea was part of the surgery, but the more I discuss it I firmly believe it was the Dilaudid! Horrible.

I agree with slightly laying on my side - a nurse in the hospital told me to put a pillow under one of my sides when sleeping and it would relieve the pressure. She was right. Damn gas.


Surgery Weight: 287 * Surgeon Goal: 170 * Personal Goal: 155 * 5'7, 25yrs old

Surgery Date: Mon, May 16th 2011
Current Weight 6/12: 259