Just the Cheese snacks

on 5/23/11 4:55 am - Seward, AK
I got my Just the Cheese snacks today in the mail from Amazon.com.

I got Nacho flavor and I am in love! I'm on the go all the time so things like these are great for me to just grab and take.

Anyone else try these? Whats your favorite flavor?

Tessie W.
on 5/23/11 5:32 am
I got some seas salt and vinegar - different brand - love them!  I like them for evening snacks.
on 5/23/11 5:56 am
I love those snacks. Try the Popped Cheese butter flavor by the same company. I kills my craving for popcorn.
on 5/23/11 6:07 am - TX
Where do you get these???
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on 5/23/11 7:06 am - Seward, AK
I ordered mine from Amazon.com

on 5/23/11 7:18 am

So glad you tried them Valerie, I loved them and had to share. I have now signed up for the Amazon subscription plan and get a shipment every month saving a few more dollars on each purchase. Love these things. Enjoy!

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Amber J.
on 5/23/11 8:13 am - Kirkland, WA
 I have the pizza flavor and really enjoy it. I think next time I might try the cool ranch flavor. :)

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on 5/23/11 12:41 pm - PA
 I got the white cheddar flavor..I opened one today for the first time and it looked and tasted burnt. It was also really hard to bite into. Dh even had a hard time trying it. Hopefully it was just a bad one. Will try again in a few days.
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