on 5/24/11 5:46 am
 I have now lost what seems an enourmous amount of weight... however I still find myself hung up on my final goal.  I know I have at least three more plastic surgeries to go through, which will remove skin and weight, and I KNOW that I am still losing... however I see those around me hitting their goals and they JUST had their surgeries... I find myself getting a bit discouraged.. even though I had a "bit" more to lose, my head still plays tricks on me.  

However.... I have a great weapon to combat it!  Journaling.

Journal wirting has kept me sane since this whole journey began.  I am not one to write every day, however I write often enough.  On those really hard days... I read back to when I was first exicted about crossing my legs... something I do now without really thinking about!  It is nice to re-live those achievements.

The pictures help, but not as much as hearing it from myself how much things have changed.  

So, when I want to throw my scale at the wall, and everything seems to not be going my way... journaling is really helping me cope.

Just thought I would share, since I had seen on here several times where people are getting a bit antsy or upset about one thing or another.  Its helping me!!!

on 5/24/11 5:54 am - Beverly, MA
RNY on 05/24/10 with
your weight loss is amazing and inspiring
you are beautiful!
thank you for this post