on 5/25/11 9:26 pm - NY
I am just curious on the dif kinds of protein. There is soy and whey for the most part, is there a difference? Is there one over another we are supposed to be taking? Just curious.... going to buy my own protein shakes this week and not from the center. Figure its cheaper to shop around myself. So if anyone could answer....  It would be greatly appreciated. I had the RNY on May 18th, and everything has been going well. No problems with "foaming" and other things I hear about. So anyways.... any advice would be nice ... Thanx
on 5/25/11 11:24 pm - Milton, FL
 My NUT says whey is the way to go .  I think we digest it easier and it causes less gas.

Good Luck!

on 5/25/11 11:51 pm

Congratulations on your recent surgery! It is a big step to take control of your life and to begin this new journey toward a healthier you. I am almost one year post op and have lost almost 100 pounds. Stay focused and you will achieve your goal.

Protein shakes are what I relied on heavily and continue to drink for breakfast. I used the EAS shakes that you can get at Wal Mart for the first few months. Make sure to check the carbs on them as one has more than the other. They contain a substantial amount of protein and the calorie content falls within the approved guideline.  From personal experience I have found the chocolate one to taste the best. As I have advanced  toward my goal weight, I have begun drinking the Atkins protein shakes. The calorie contents is 160 with 15 g protein and 2 g net carbs.

I hope this has helped you.  I will tell you from personal experience that it took me awhile to eat real protein. For approximately 6 months, the only protein I was able to eat without trouble was shrimp and baked fish. My surgeon informed me to wait on chicken and turkey as those are often difficult to maintain/digest. I have never gotten sick from eating as I maintain the rule no drinking after eating for at least 30 minutes!

Keep up the great job!
Amy R.
on 5/26/11 12:56 am
My understanding is that not just "whey" but "whey protein isolate" is the most effective protein for us RnY post-ops.

Many are successful with soy and also with whey blends, but I've been sticking purely with the isolates as instructed and they have worked best for me (other than the taste of 99% of them, lol).

Good luck in your search and in finding what works for you.=)
on 5/26/11 2:33 am - NY
Thank you everyone. I went to walmart and was able to find a protein shake at a reasonable price with a lot of protein! So great.... one battle down. I have 3 teenage children and def work with a budget and finding this cheaper was excellent . Again thanx to all of you. And I am very excited to start my journey after WLS!