BUH-bye to my CPAP!!

on 5/25/11 12:23 pm
I was diagnosed with "the worst case of sleep apnea" my sleep center had ever seen.  At the time of my diagnosis, I was spending over 90% of the night with oxygen saturations BELOW 60%.  I am so, so lucky that I never had a heart attack or stroke in my sleep.  My sleep apnea was a HUGE factor in my decision to have RNY.

Today, just about 8 months post-op, I no longer have sleep apnea and am able to stop using my CPAP machine!

HW 320/SW 280/CW 149.5 /GW 145
on 5/25/11 12:53 pm
CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such good news! You go girl!! I can't wait till I can post the same!!  I stopped breathing 100x's an hour in the study they did on me for four hours. It's so scary to think about. For now I am thankful for my machine, but can't wait to say goodbye! ENJOY YOUR NEW SLEEP!!!!
on 5/25/11 1:23 pm
I am so happy for you!!!! A little jealous too. I am not seeing a big decrease in my pressures on my titrating bipap machine. I was doing cpap the needed a decrease due to some of the weight loss and insurance wouldn't pay for a titrating cpap machine so I got the bipap.

WOOO HOOO for you!
on 5/25/11 5:43 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Did you have another sleep study?
I'm in the 20% minority who did not get cured of apnea with WLS.  My settings are much lower  but I still need the CPAP and always will. I snored badly even when I was a skinny teenager.
I'm glad you lost yours.
Deb T.


on 5/25/11 8:39 pm
Thanks, everyone! 

Angie-  During my first sleep study, they found that I stopped breathing 96 times an hour, so I know how grateful you are for your machine.....I was, too.  Good luck with your journey and I hope to see that you get rid of yours soon, too!

   No, I didn't have another sleep study.  I have a titrating BIPAP machine and my pressures were at the lowest possible setting, and I was waking up all night long being bothered by my mask.  Typically, I slept really well and didn't notice my mask at all, so that was odd.  I called my doc and he said to try sleeping without it for a few nights and see how I felt, and I did and felt much, much more rested.  Then, he ordered an overnight pulse ox study.  I wore a pulse ox monitor while I slept without the machine and he got the readings yesterday....I never desaturated below 90%! 
   He did say that this is not proof that I no longer have sleep apnea....only a sleep study can say that for sure.  However, it is extrememly rare for anyone to have sleep apnea and not desaturate.  So, combined with how I am feeling and the low pressures on my machine, he feels comfortable letting me stop.  Also, I was just diagnosed a little over a year ago, after getting to my highest weight.  I think that the weight loss, in my case, reversed the apnea.

Thanks again for celebrating with me!

HW 320/SW 280/CW 149.5 /GW 145
Lizzie S.
on 5/26/11 8:40 am
I'm thinking I will continue to need my bipap machine even once I have lost more.   Even when much younger my sister used to tell me I did not snore so much as growl in my sleep...she said it was like sharing a room with wild animals, lol.   I'd like another sleep study when I am done losing but for now I have re-set my machine to autopap and am doing well with it.   I have sarcoidosis and tend to breathe shallow so I do use o2 with it, and have for about 15 years.
on 5/26/11 3:05 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with
I am addicted to mine. I put it on and fall asleep in minutes. It's really only a drag when I travel.


Lizzie S.
on 5/26/11 4:06 pm
That's how I am too.  Last time I went to Seattle I took the machine and mask but forgot the power cord....duh, lol.   My niece was having surgery so she, my sister, another niece and I were sharing a hotel room so we would be close to the hospital....lucky for them my niece left Albany after I did and I was able to have her pick up the cord and bring it.  I love my machine!
on 5/26/11 5:01 pm
 I am one of those that loves my machine too and I don't want off it.  I don't think I will be able to come off either, but it won't hurt my feelings.  The thoughts of not having it scare me to death.  My doctor did tell me that not all people do get to come off them and if people would only retest they would find that lots more shouldn't come off them. So i don't plan on it. 

 RNY 1/24/11