working with a dietitian

on 5/26/11 12:54 pm - Fountain Hills, AZ
has anyone ever worked with a dietitian post op?  I am more than a few years out but am stuck due to other health issues that refuse to heal (issue is with an open wound on the bottom of my foot - the wound is refusing to heal due to the placement of the wound is right on the pressure point of where i walk)
on 5/26/11 2:10 pm
 I think it's an excellent idea to help you with your eating after a while post op.  

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on 5/27/11 3:54 pm - Suffern, NY
As far as a dietician goes, doesn't your program have one for you to see post op?  How can a surgeon expect patients to be successful post op and long term without having a nutritonist/dietician for the patients.  I never would have been successul post op without my nutritionist.  I saw her at regular intervals for the first 2 years and now I see her but not as often.  If I needed her, I could go as often as I needed.

Question - are you diabetic?  Many diabetics have problems with wound infections on the feet that won't heal.  A few recommendations - first off, you need to see an Endocrinologist to get your sugars under control, this will help you heal faster.  There is a good possibilty you will need to go a wound center, they are much more qualified to treat difficult wound infections. They tend to know how to wrap the foot a certain way which helps it heal.  Sometimes in bad enough, they have to put you in a bariatric chamber (100% oxygen) - this is the best way to help you heal.

As far as the nutritionist, if your surgeons office doesn't have one, you need to find one on your own that is familar with Weight loss surgery.  Many times Endocrinologists offices have them.

good luck