on 5/28/11 9:52 am - NY
Does anyone else get hiccups a lot? I am 10 days post op and get them all the time. Is this normal... am I doing something wrong?? Eating too fast... or maybe too much?
on 5/28/11 12:33 pm - MA
swallowing air--slow down eating/drinking!  Happened t me 1st 10 days post op--I'm now 3 weeks post op and I've learned to slow down!
on 5/28/11 12:52 pm - Bowie, MD

Early out I would always get hiccups when I was full. It was the first sign I should stop eating.
So I don't think you are doing anything wrong per se.

Hope this helps!


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Tia Lee C.
on 5/28/11 5:24 pm - Hinesville, GA
 that is exactly what happens to me!
on 5/28/11 3:24 pm
I may not know why you get them... but I have a cure that works for me every time.
Fill a glass of water to the brim. Bend over, and take a sip or two out of the side of the glass that is away from your body... and swallow before you stand up.

That's it. It works for me every time.

Amanda :)