BMI 54 or above?

on 5/31/11 4:41 am
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there with this high of a bmi that was told by their surgeon that they had a fatty liver?? Were you still able to have the surgery? was it done open or lap? If you followed a preop diet, what kind was it and did you follow it to the absolute T?? I am having surgery on monday and was put on a 1000 calorie diet and I have followed it for the most part, there has been a couple times where i didnt stick to it and i am so worried i am going to go into surgery and then wake up and they will tell me that they couldnt do it because of my liver. i scared....... any one have any storied to share
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Rebecca G.
on 5/31/11 4:49 am - Wilmington, NC
My BMI was 59 I think. After my surgery, my surgeon told me that my liver was fatty, but should shrink as I lose weight. If he puts you on a pre-op diet (mine did not), it should shrink up a little before your surgery.
on 5/31/11 4:53 am
rebecca-  Did you end uphaving your surgery open or laproscopically??? I am really hoping and praying mine will be lap. I know some other people who have had RNY and they didnt have to have any type of preop diet either, or an ultrasound to check on the liver. its crazy to me that all surgeons do it so differently from one another. I'm so glad youre worked out well (:
Mommy to the 3 most beautiful little boys in the world...... This is all for you guys (:
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Rebecca G.
on 5/31/11 4:56 am - Wilmington, NC
 Mine was done laporoscopically with no problems!
on 5/31/11 4:50 am - Germantown, MD
 Yep, have/had a fatty liver. Was on low-carb preop for 6 months and 2 weeks of full liquids. Did not cheat! Surgeon did it lap and at my 1 week preop appointment my liver was small enough but she did tell me if once she got in if my liver was still too large, she'd close and reschedule b/c she'd rather not do open. Apparently it was good enough. 1 month labs show my liver enzymes still a bit high but cholesterol is down! Also had abdominal ultrasound & CT scan b/c there was a spot on my liver due to a mild hemotoma and surely fatty liver had a role in that. However, my BMI was not that high - I think around 47 or so. Kept telling myself that I will be denied surgery if I don't shrink my liver, so that helped me keep myself on track.

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on 5/31/11 4:59 am - CT
My BMI was 54 when I started my pre-op diet, I lost about 10 lbs pre-op, so nothing crazy and they had no problems with doing my RNY (lap) and gallbladder removal. I personally do not believe that being on a low fat diet for just one week will shrink your liver enough to make or break your surgery. I think they put you on the diet to prepare you for your post-op eating lifestyle AND to keep you from going crazy with your "last meals" that week. Did I follow the diet to the letter? Almost...2 nights before surgery I went out and had Mexican with my family. Ate what and however much I wanted...and I paid for it dearly, but it was yummy and worth it at the time.

Now, the one caviat is that if your liver is too large to safely do everything LAP, they may need to do the surgery open. But, they should still do it.

I see Dr Valin is your surgeon, if you are having surgery at St Raphaels let me know, that's where I had my surgery and I'd be happy to talk to you more about my experience.
on 5/31/11 5:07 am
hi willow.... my surgeon is dr, valin and it will be at st. rays. how was ur experience? I really dont want to have it open because i heard that the recovery time is much worse, do u know of anyone that has had it open? rite before i started the diet i did of kinds go crazy and order from my favorite places one more time. There has been a couple times that i have gone off track like this weekend for instance, i went to 2 BBQ's. who was ur surgeon?
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(deactivated member)
on 5/31/11 6:05 am - Boston, MA
 My bmi was 56, I did a pre op diet for 2 weeks which consisted of 2 protein shakes and 6 oz meat and 1 cup veggies, I stuck to it except I did eat a few pickles!  I lost 25 pounds and my doctor said my liver was excellent, I had lap surgery.  Good luck!
on 5/31/11 6:29 am - Rochester, NY
Mine was 72 and I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver--I did a 2 week liquid diet pre-op to shrink my liver--it was the first thing I asked when I came to--open or lap? It was done lap with no problems!
on 5/31/11 6:39 am
My BMI was 57 when I started my process. I was 5'8" 375 lbs.

when I went in for pre op, I was told i had a "severely enlarged, moderately fatty liver". I was put on a liquid diet for 2 weeks and maintained it for almost the whole 2 weeks before asking my NUT about cheating and she gave me the ok to have a piece of grilled chicken. I had lap RNY without any issues.

During the 2 weeks preop, i went from around 368 down to 341 when i weighed in at the hospital post op when I was discharged. This was 8/26/2010. Since then, I'm now down to 230 and more importantly, when I went in for my 6 month check up, I was told that my liver was now no longer enlarged and was down from moderatly to mildly fatty liver but that within the next 6 months, that my liver would no longer be even considered fatty! This was one of the most thankful things I have because when I went in for preop, the nurse basically said that had I not done anything about it, she could almost have guaranteed that I would have had bad liver problems within 10 years. To go from high probability of liver problems down to a potentially "normal" liver in less than a year is a wonderful thing. Even my wife, who was scared to death of the surgery was thankful for the precedure.

LISTEN to what the doc says. I never understood the people who cheat on their pre op diet, especially high BMI ones like us because it's your health that's at risk. I wish you well and hope everything comes out ok.