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Change:  the process of becoming different (a definition borrowed from Wikipedia, the apparent source of all truth these days).  Most of us here are somewhere in that process of change……working toward a healthier existence, achieving a significantly smaller physique, perhaps even experiencing an emotional metamorphosis, and, for some, implementing the redirection of one’s life.  Even if it is for the better, change is not easy.  Neither is it free of setbacks or opposition from others.  As often as not it seems that at any point in time giving up on change would be far easier than moving forward with it.  Yet change can also rekindle your spirit and help you to overcome hurt and disappointment from the past.  So we find ourselves fearing the horrible uncertainty about how things might turn out, but burning with the hope that change could lead us to happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.


To my way of thinking, courage is the bridge between fear and hope.  Substantive changes are underway in my life and there are some days when the totality of everything I need to do seems daunting and I find myself so deeply mired in self-doubt that only the summoning of some semblance of courage can push me ahead.  I have found enough courage before to follow through with weight loss surgery and, later, to address what I thought were intractable mental health problems.  I was recently reminded that I do actually possess enough courage to make my life better, whatever challenges I may face along the way.  That timely and insightful reminder brings me to my purpose in making this post, which is to pass along the reminder that we all possess enough courage within ourselves to change our lives for the better and no amount of crushing self-doubt need stand in the way.



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Amen Brother.

  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!  LET'S GET HEALTHY!     STARTING WEIGHT 211.8, SURGERY 23 MAR 11; ONEDERLAND 30 MAR 11 199.2