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on 6/4/11 12:03 am
Since most shakes make like 8 oz , does anyone know if you could save the rest of them in the fridge until the next time you need them????? My plan is for me to only have 1-2 oz after surgery. Thanks>>
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on 6/4/11 1:32 am - CT
Yes, you can. And many people do.

As to the shake recommended above, it looks okay, but my concern is that corn syrup is the 3rd or so ingredient on the list. Total carbs of 17g, Fiber of 5g, leavin 12grams unaccounted for and no listing of how many grams of sugar per serving.
on 6/4/11 2:16 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
You can also use 1/2 scoop of protein powder to make less (4oz).  You can also drink your protein 2 oz at a time every 2 hours.  To get 80 gm or so protein a  day, we need to be sipping all day long.

Try goint to or to get protein drink, puddings, ice cream, hot drinks, etc.

I wouldn't use any protein product or any other product than has 9gm sugar or more per serving.

My general rule is 10 gm protein per 100 calories.  So if a serving is 200 calories, then I would want it to have about 20 gm protein.

Best wishes.
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