In desperate need of help PLEASE READ

on 6/7/11 1:45 am - Bloomfield, IN
Bare with me this is long but I am desperate for help and need answers

I had surgery 4/27/10 have been extremely sick from the get go. Became lactose intolerant 1 week after surgery so thats out of the way, had a stricture in June an ulcer in July and a horrible gall bladder attack and had that removed in August. Since the gall bladder out still very sick and vomiting, was in the hospital from August till February running tests and nothing has came back Now fast forward to 3/1/11 Finally got the dr to go in to do exploratory. Cut an inch of my bowel out had an intetception and scar tissue.. I felt great the best ever felt in almost a year on 3/10 I became so violently ill and in soo much pain in thought I was going to die, was hospitalized for 3 days. Found nothing other than my liver was showing signs of failing (since ok) been having these gut wrenching pains under my ribs from left to right that feels like someone is wringing my intestines out. These pains generally come at night and last for hours and I can only lay in the fetal position and cry.. I have had every test ran, celiac, olgie sphyincter, pancreas, liver, you name it  I seen a pancreas dr in beginning of May he had an MRI done and said my pancreas is small and showing signs of something not sure what. Went to the GI dr 2 weeks ago with such high hopes that he was going to help and said he didnt know what to do and was handing me over to a pain specialist. This guy will not help either... PLEASE HELP I am living a life of hell and constant pain above my belly button and under my left ribs and 3-5 times a week having these gut wrenching pains  They have me on levisin as an anti spasm Vailum to relax me Elavil to bring up my pain tolerance and Percocet 10/325.. I can not go to the bathroom on my own even taking culutrelle and miralax twice a day is not helping... I am open to any help, thoughts, anything at this point...
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on 6/7/11 2:26 am
I have no advice other then to say that I will be praying they will find the cause of your pain and be able to help you.
For the constipation have you tried magnesium oxide?  I take 500 mg twice a day, along with Miralax daily, probiotics and fiber and I have been doing a lot better.

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on 6/7/11 2:42 am
 I don't have answers for you as it sounds like you're doing all you can with doctors to get your answers, but I do wish you well and hope you feel better very soon!


on 6/7/11 2:47 am - Canton, GA
I have no advice either. I just wanted to give you a {{HUG}} and tell you that you are in my prayers that you get some relief soon. That's a whole lot more pain and anguish than anyone needs to go through!
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on 6/7/11 2:51 am - Bay Minette, AL
I'm sorry you are going through all of this and I'm praying for you.  The only thing I do know is that any narcotic will make you constipated so you might need a enema or something like that to clean you out.  I hope they find out what is going on with you quickly.

on 6/7/11 3:51 am - Bloomfield, IN
I only take narcotics when I am having a spasm and even enemas are not working
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on 6/7/11 3:07 am - CT
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This post made me cringe and brought tears to my eyes. My heart truly goes out to you. My suggestion is you see an immunologist and see if this may possibly be an auto immune issue. I know that our immune systems can wreak havoc in the best of cir****tances, but the changes to your anatomy have changed your physiology. I also suggest you revisit your diet, possibly seek out a holistic practitioner who can guide you to eliminate possible triggers by going over your food logs and examining them for a correlation between certain foods and the pain you are experiencing. Keep those logs now, write everything down and how you felt immediately after, 1 hour, 2 hours after. You are having gut wrenching pain 3-5 times a week? You are constipated? I would bet my life they are connected. Your descending colon is on the left side, transverse is across the belly under the sternum, if you are backed up you fan have severe pain there and it may even feel like back pain. you need bowel intervention...pronto! Prune juice, bran cereal, flax seed, miralax, senna, milk of mag and colace....throw the freaking book at it! Get going every single day...if I don't go every day I have terrible back pain if I don't go for a few days I am curled up like you say.. Sometimes moaning fromthe cramps of the food trying to get through a brick wall. I wish you good luck!
on 6/7/11 4:13 am - OH
I'm sorry you've had so many problems.  Unfortunately, I have no suggestions about what might be wrong.  What I do suggest, so, is that you keep trying specialists until you find someone that can help.  I'm sure there are some people with health problems that just can never be diagnosed or treated, but I think that's rare.  I think most people eventually find a specialist that knows what's going on.

I had a lot of trouble with nausea for a long time after my surgery and was finally diagnosed with gastroparesis (which doesn't sound like what you have).  All it took was a prescription pill twice a day, and I have felt great ever since.  However, I had to see four doctors before I found one that knew what was wrong with me.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 6/7/11 4:13 am - Bear, DE
 I just pray that you will get better soon.   Believe and dont give up hope...YHWH will answer prayer.

May God bless us in all of our endeavors.  May He forgive us for our frailties and our vanities and bless us to be prosperous in health, soul, and in life.            
on 6/7/11 4:30 am - Somewhere, AK

I'm with you here.  I've got the same area of pain.  It's searing and un-freakin-barable!  I got hospitalized in early May.  My weird thing was that my liver enzymes went from NORMAL to 1470 within just a few hours.  I've only had 4 "attacks" since September.  They always come at night.  I've got a few dr's telling me revision - I'm not so sure.  Gal bladder gone in May of 09.  But I'm trying to seek some different answeres.  I can eat and drink and have no issues with expelling and no vomiting.  If you find something let me know.  If I find something I'll share it with you too.  Good luck

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