My eating stats from does this look about right?

Koko M.
on 6/11/11 2:19 am - Albany, CA
I found the tab that gives you your averages in calorie distribution over the last week.

This being a fairly typical week, with good days and not so good days, I averaged 984 calories a day, of which 37% were from fat, 31% were from carbs, and 32% were from protein. I'm going to try to cut back in the fat (curse you, roasted almonds!), but in general do these numbers seem alright for continued weight loss? My day is about 70% at a desk, and I work out three times a week for about a half hour, moderate intensity. I also walk between my work and my house, often multiple times in a day, and it's about 1 mile round trip.

Feedback is always appreciated!


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on 6/11/11 3:17 am
My dietician at the support group I go to says

50% protien
30% carb
20% fat

ON the carbs try to eat complex carbs like whole grains, fruits and gvegetables


Koko M.
on 6/11/11 3:24 am - Albany, CA
Exactly what I needed to know, thanks for the confirmation!

( I ordered my calcium and D3 from Vitalady, btw. Thanks again!)

I finished off the last of the almonds yesterday, and will not be buying more. They're too good and too easy, and so incredibly fat! So right there I should have a lower fat week next week. The trick will be to up the protein somehow.


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on 6/11/11 6:36 am
From the research that I have done Dr. Champion in Atlanta Georgia recommends no nuts at all.  Eat 4 mini meals/day.  I was trying to do 3 meals and 2 snacks but was getting hungry all the time.


on 6/11/11 5:06 am, edited 6/11/11 5:06 am
When I was losing I also did the 50% protein, but used the 25% fat, 25% carbs as my ranges.

Edit:  What I found FOR ME is lowering fats more than that caused constipation.

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on 6/11/11 6:03 am
 I was doing this as well, although sometimes it would be 55% to 60%, with my carbs and fat being about 20% each, although I would rather do lower carbs and more fat.  I don't worry about the fat much as long as it's healthy.

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