Had a change of mind of heart

on 6/13/11 4:08 am - NY
As the title says, my mind and heart has changed. I will no longer be having the RNY. Instead I will be having the VSG by Dr. Alfons Pomp at NY Presbyterian Cornell Weill Hospital. I'm having my consultation with him on July 6 and I am so excited. I will not have to redo everything, thank God. The only thing I may need to do is the nutritionist consultation and then the insurance approval again, of course.

I just wanted to thank everyone who have been here to support and encourage me. It means a lot to me. I hope to still follow your journey's even though we are having different ones =) Great luck to everyone!
MSW will not settle
on 6/13/11 4:17 am
Its all about you.  What you want.  What you need. 

I changed procedues and surgeons.  I sought out an experienced vsg surgeon.  My vsg surgeon perfrmed my rny, lol.  Best wishes. 

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on 6/13/11 4:19 am - NY
Congratulations! I had my RNY with Dr. Pomp on 5/17. He is the most amazing, compassionate doctor, and I have felt so cared for during the process. I also have found the staff in the office to be so wonderful as well (although they are shorthanded in the nutritionist department these days). I hope you'll come to the support group as well. That has been wonderful for me, as I've been going since 5 months before my surgery. It made a big difference to know that there is such a support system, and I've made some new friends in the group.

You are in great hands. Good luck and keep us posted!
RNY 5.17.11

Judi J.
on 6/13/11 4:21 am - MN
I've heard he is an excellent surgeon, best of luck to you!
H.A.L.A B.
on 6/13/11 4:44 am
Good for you.  You need to make sure it is right for you.
BTW: if I could do it again  - I would chose the VSG...

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on 6/13/11 5:35 am - New York, NY
What made you go w/ the VSG vs. RNY?  I've been having the same dilemma...well you're no longer conflicted.  :)  I will be meeting w/ my surgeon in a week (at NYU Med) and hopefully by then I will either know what I want or my doctor will give me something that will make me choose one over the other.  Best of luck to you!
on 6/13/11 5:34 am
If I could change my mind I would have NEVER had surgery.  I had an excellent surgeon and thought I had researched everything and I knew everything I needed to know, I was well informed and knew what to expect afterwards.  Well you can read all you want and listend to as many seminars and read all the discussion boards but it still does not prepare you for what's to cme afterwards.  My RNY was March 31 and I've been miserable ever since.  Healed very nicely, lost 50 pounds and feel so much better and I guess I'm healthier.  If living on a protein shake and nibbling on anything you can tolerate makes you healthy.  Seems like when I get to a point of being able to eat any real food such as grilled chicken, shrimp or turkey bacon,...the things we can have,   Sooner or later I get to big of a bite or get so damn hungry I eat too fast and end up choked and throw up for a good hour till I can get it and all the foam up with it.  I just really want to get to a point to where I can ENJOY a damn meal.  I'm so sick of it, I would never ever reccommend this surgery to anyone.  I see why people get so depressed they're suicidal and have to go on anti-depressants or become alcoholics.  I think I may take up smoking again.  Sorry but that's my opinion and I know I'm in a real bad place right now!!!
on 6/13/11 5:53 am - Fallston, MD
So sorry you are feeling down Ranny. You are still really early out so dont give up. My life improves for the better each and every day, I hope you start feeling better & seeing positive things in your life (as far as your surgery is concerned) real soon. Hang in there :)
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on 6/13/11 6:55 am - IA
Your still fairly early out, it does get better.  I think for me it was about month 4, 2-months ago.  I stopped foamies, stopped throwing up, I still get stuck with chicken, but my pouch loves prime rib and steak, so I'm good.  Have you tried the papaya enzyme, it was a life saver for me those first 4 months, still keep it on hand for when chicken gets stuck, it really helps break it up when I get too big a bite or get something that doesn't quite go down right.
on 6/13/11 9:17 am

I haven't tried the Papaya Enzyme...what is that and where do I get it?  I know that it's my own mistakes, but it's just so frustrating.  I keep asking myself  "what in the hell have I done to my body", I'm really just struggling with figuring out the right things to eat.  I live in a very small rural town and there's not a lot of variety of foods to choose from.  With my job it's difficult to pack things for lunch and there's not much to choose from in the form of fast food.  I order all protein supplements online.  It seems everything I try, I just can't stomach it.  I detest egg beaters, don't care much for eggs now either.  I live on protein shakes and when I can get to a Kroger I get the Kroger brand carbmaster yogurts and mostly soups and sf bananna popcicles.  I wanna eat real food or at least something different.  Thanks for the support!
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