Internal Hernia???

on 6/15/11 12:11 pm
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Hi everybody,
I was having some bad/sharp pains off and on for several days on my right side. (they are usually on my left if I am at all constipated).  I was also getting really bloated with gas up high in my stomach/pouch whatever.  Long story short..I thought maybe it was gallbladder but it was in my mid-side..lower than people often mention.  My regular doctor did x-rays, ultrasound, and a ct scan. I had the results sent to my surgeon as well. They did find a kidney stone (yippee..ugh) but I think that it's on the left side. My surgeon's office called and asked if I'm having any pain and at this point but it has gone away. They want to see me if it comes back because the receptionist said the doctor is concerned about an internal hernia.  I guess the gallbladder looks happy as a clam. I was all worried about the gallbladder..well I think I like the idea of a bad gallbladder over an internal hernia!  Has anyone had this and who can tell me about this? I'm clueless about this one!  Thanks!   Heather

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