100 pounds gone....FOREVER!

on 6/19/11 1:32 pm
Finally after battling the scale for the last 3 weeks, I have dropped my 100 pounds!  I was at 99.8 for that long and man was I pissed.  LOL  I have posted some pictures on my blog (the link below) and also my 100 pounds lost "gifts".  I bought myself a ring and I love it!  But my mom made me a wall hanging and I love it even more.  Thank you for letting me brag and for being there for me thru all of this. 
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on 6/19/11 1:48 pm
Awesome pics you look superb!!!! congratts are in order!!!
on 6/19/11 1:50 pm
Thank you so much!  I had to direct you all to my blog because I don't know how to upload pictures here in the forum LOL 
Come visit my blog, Is This For Real?!?  katiedid911.blogspot.com/

on 6/19/11 2:09 pm - Meadville, PA
Congratulations you look great!

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*37 lbs were lost pre-op

on 6/19/11 2:50 pm - Tallahassee, FL
Congrats! Keep up the great work!
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on 6/19/11 2:54 pm - Portland, OR
Congrats I finally hit it today too!!!! I was at 99 for what seemed like forever!
on 6/19/11 4:26 pm, edited 6/19/11 4:26 pm - AL
 WOO HOO You did it!  And in nine months!  WOW!  Congrats!  LOVE the meaning behind the stones on your ring!  And your Chi's are adorable!!  Much tinier than mine!  haha (pics on my albums)

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on 6/19/11 8:11 pm - NC
RNY on 06/08/11 with
Congrats! You've done great!
on 6/19/11 8:46 pm
You look great! I should be hitting my first 50 pound lost mark this week and am so excited!! Keep up the good work :)
on 6/20/11 12:50 am - NY