9 months out and stuck....HELP!!!!

on 6/27/11 11:54 pm - Lenexa, KS
Revision on 05/10/16
I have not lost a single pound for the past month and this morning when I got on the scale I was up 3 pounds from yesterday!   I am looking for some sage advice from those who have been here before and gotten through it.   Last month was super stressful with a big family wedding (my brother) and my exercise was not what it could have been.  Water, vitamins, and protein all on track, but I'm being extra vigilant to make sure I've got all of my bases covered.  I had my gallbladder out at the end of April, otherwise it has been a pretty uneventful 9 months healthwise.  Mentally, I am getting discouraged .  Any ideas for breaking through this stall?  I need some encouragement!!!
on 6/27/11 11:59 pm - Pueblo, CO
Im only 3 months out so you have a lot more experience than me but Im on a plateau right now.  It always crosses my mind that what if this is all that I will lose but in reality I know its not true.  Im thinking about going back to basics to see if it will get me out of this rut.  Sugar free popsicles, jello, pureed food, etc for a week or so.
Kim S.
on 6/28/11 12:08 am - Helena, AL
Sarah, there are a few things you can do.

1)  Up that exercise.  6x a week, cardio and weight training.  Keep your body confused--mix up the workouts.

2)  Are you eating enough?  You were not meant to live on 500 calories per day for ever.  Make sure you are eating enough.  At this point you should be at 100 grams of protein and close to 1,000 calories per day.  More if you exercise strenuously.

3)  Are you still using protein supplements?  If you are, try to wean off them some and get more of your protein from real food.  It will make you feel fuller longer.

4)  Get away from the scale.  Only weigh once a week at the most--preferably once a month (I still weigh every Friday morning).

5)  Track every thing you put into your mouth.  If you are not journaling, you must.  I still do it M-F religiously (I did it on the weekends too when I was still in losing phase).

You can do this, and you have the tool to ensure your success.  This is not a sprint it is a marathon, and it is for life.  There is no expiration date.....keep living your new lifestyle and the loss will come in time.

Wishing you the best

Dave Chambers
on 6/28/11 12:28 am - Mira Loma, CA

You do not mention exercise as part of your regemine.  As you get further post op, the wt won't fall all just because you had wt loss surgery.  Your body needs more exercise to burn the same calories as it did several months ago. You have a smaller body mass to move now.  You don't note lab results, just vitamins are on track.  Get more protein, vary exercises, vary foods, mix it up.  You may be eating more now too.  One suggestion is to "water load". That's to say, drink as much water as you can comfortably tolerate about 30 minutes before you eat. This will help you feel fuller when eating, rather than eating too much of the wrong foods. SO NOT drink with meals.  Drinking with meals can wash out food items, and you'll likely feel hungry a short time later.  Eat proteins first at meal time.  It took me 24 months to get to my lowest wt. Yet, I know several post ops in the support groups I attend who lost all of their wt at 7-9 months (although this is the exception) after surgery.  If you don't attend support groups, I'd highly recommend it.  Statistically, those post ops who attend these meetings have the best wt loss success.  You'll likely learn new info to help you at these meetings. DAVE

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