I need some advice

on 7/3/11 10:37 am - OR
I had surgery on Jan 17th 2011. Everything I eat makes me queasy. I dread eating. I do ok on my protein drinks but I know I need to eat. I can be hungry but when I take that first bite I am so queasy that I don't want anymore. It doesn't matter what I eat, everything makes me queasy. Any suggestions?
on 7/3/11 11:02 am
Humm that is a hard one.  Everyone is different and I know I had surgery after you but am fine eating most everything (except the 4 sugar free oreos and skim milk I threw up yesterday lol).  Try getting lots of water and u might want to call your doctor.  There might be an issue or something you can take to feel better.  I know my doctor told me to take the precription nausea medicine they gave me in the hospital.
JudiJudi T
on 7/3/11 11:03 am
What did your surgeon say?  I would check in with him/her first.  Sometimes things like that can be mental too - I'd get an appt and talk it over with your surgeon. 

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on 7/3/11 11:38 am
hello,I had the RYN ,4 yrs ago,,,I would suggest getting back to your surgeon, and be scoped for a stricture, thats where scar tissue builds up where they reattached your pouch to your intestine,they insert a tube with a balloon on the end and balloon the stricture open further,these are common.and can occur up to the frst 2  yrs with some people.
Good luck
on 7/4/11 2:23 am - FL
 I agree call ur surgeon might be a stricture i had two of them and was the same way except i did have troubles with drinking water too.. good luck
on 7/8/11 8:55 am - OR
Thanks everyone for your support. I called my surgeon and she wants to check for an ulcer. I just want whatever it is to go away.