To measure your body or not to measure...LOOK

on 7/5/11 3:08 pm - AL
Just wanted to share, for those that aren't too sure about measuring your body...
I have always known that I am one to lose inches before lbs.  I do know that post-op from RNY is a little different scenario, but have still been measuring and keeping track.

My last taping was on 6/8/11 on the day of my pre-op apt.  Today, almost a month later, I have re-measured myself and I have lost the following....
Waist:  5.25"  (Going around and meeting over the belly button)
Neck:  0.5"
Bicep:  0.75"
Forearm:  0.75"
Chest: 2.5"
Hips:  3.0"  (Going around the buttocks)
Thigh:  1.5"
Calf:  1.5"

Also down exactly 30 lbs from pre-op apt.  Thirty lbs in one month isn't too bad!

                  "When you know better, you do better." ~Maya Angelou~

BW 334.4 / CW: 227 / GW 180             
on 7/5/11 3:13 pm - OR
I am so excited to get re-measured, they do it at 6 weeks here
on 7/5/11 3:16 pm - AL
My Dr's office doesn't do it unfortunately.  I just decided to do so on my own because I know my history of losing inches before/faster than lbs.  It sure got my attention when seeing that I lost so many inches in the waist (stomach) and hips !!

                  "When you know better, you do better." ~Maya Angelou~

BW 334.4 / CW: 227 / GW 180             
on 7/5/11 5:05 pm - OR
I worry that I won't measure the same spot and make some mistake and then be dissapionted :(
on 7/6/11 6:18 am - AL
The general rule is to measure the largest part of each thing you are measuring.

Waist:  I use my belly button as a marker.  Even though this may move up or down as you lose weight, the center of your stomach is usually the largest.

Hips:  I measure around my buttocks and meet the ends of the tape measure in the front and center so I can see it, as well as so that it is in the same spot each time.

Neck:  I try to center it between head and collar bone and usually around that largest part of he windpipe there.

Forearm, bicep, calf and thigh I use my right side each time, but some people have larger left sides so go with the largest is the general rule.  I center the tape on the widest part of the area I am taping.  If you have a freckle or scar to use as a marker, that may help you as well.

Chest:  Some people do up under the armpits, but your breasts lose inches a lot as well.  I go across the front of my breasts, lined up on the nipples (sorry if TMI) and meet in the center between "the girls" so that it is met in the same spot each time.  And do not bring in and lay against your chest in the center.  Just meet the ends across the front.

Do not pull it tight, or leave too loose, as this will give you a false sense of being less/more than you are. 

Hope that helps you.

                  "When you know better, you do better." ~Maya Angelou~

BW 334.4 / CW: 227 / GW 180             
on 7/5/11 8:54 pm - Miami, FL
 I'm nearly a year out and my weight loss has sloooooowed down considerably. I'm happy I measure, too, though because while I only lost 1 pound last month, I lost 4 inches on my waist. It's easy to keep track of it here on the body tracker, too.
on 7/5/11 10:44 pm - Fargo, ND
I did all the measuring stuff too, I loved it. When we are not losing pounds we are usually losing inches. This kept life in some what of a perspective when the scale stopped moving during stalls. I would say I did this almost every month and kept track.

I measured: Neck,upper chest (just under arm pits),middle chest,rib area,belly button area,hips,upper arm,lower arm,wrists,thighs,calves and ankles.
I know that sounds like a lot of work to people who are not doing it,but again it is one more tool in our tool box that will show us results.

At the end of 2 yrs I added up total inches lost and totals on each clothing size lost. What awesome numbers.

Great for you taking charge of what goes into your tool box or should I say what isn't thee anymore LOL
Good job!
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