Trying to Understand my New Pouch!

on 7/8/11 4:29 am - Burlington, NC
I had my surgery on June 30, 2011 and came home on July 3, 2011.  I have done well thus far and my energy level is getting better daily.  My instructions were full liquids until today and then pureed foods.    Since surgery I have only been able to minimally fulfill the requirements, which is less than the recommended amount, but have no problem with liquids.  A teaspoon of protein supplements or oatmeal can satisfy me for 2 to 3 hours.   I also get very nauseated when smelling certain foods and can feel my pouch contracting when drinking colder sugar free liquids (which I love)........ I am questioning whether this is a normal progression or is it cause for concern?  Can some of you tell me your experiences as this site has been very help?
Surgery Date 6/30/2011          
on 7/8/11 5:27 am - Baltimore, MD
Everything you describe sounds 100% normal. You just had major surgery!

In the beginning everything made me sick, my vitamins made me full. Drinking was a chore so kudos to you for doing well with that.

It gets easier as your body heals. You're right on track!
on 7/8/11 5:34 am - PA
Hi - I had my surgery on June 13th and I have been struggling with the pureed foods as well.  Like you, I can sometimes only get a teaspoonful or so down and I feel like I swallowed a balloon.  I am sticking to pureed soups and smooth things.  The thought of pureed meats or babyfood is repulsive.

I also noticed that my sense of smell has become very sensitive.  Some smells immediately cause me to get nauseous.  Also, some foods that I used to like I can't stand to even think about them.  I never had a problem with artificial sweeteners and I can't handle any of them as yet.  I loved coffee before and haven't had any since surgery.

I have my next appointment on 7/20 and will talk more to the doctor about these issues. 
on 7/8/11 5:40 am
2 years out and I STILL have a heightened sense of smell. That seems to be here to stay.

I admit that I actually skimmed over the pureed stage because I couldn't stand that consistency. I did add some foods in that were actually more like soft foods - SF yogurt, a little bean with bacon soup, and a few things like that. Most liquids still sit better with me if they are room temperature or warm. I just don't drink as much fluid as I need if it involves a lot of ice.

Follow what your body wants in terms of flavors and consistencies, but you must focus on fluids and proteins. This means that you have to eat "by the clock" rather than because you feel hungry. Your stomach's nerves are not yet signalling your brain that you are hungry (or full - that's why measuring is very important).

You are in a healing phase right now, as well as a learning phase. Go gently, and try to get a little closer to your protein goal each day.

on 7/8/11 5:43 am - CA
I was on liquids for about a week after surgery. I was instructed to take no more than 1/2 cup of anything at any one time. I drank 1/2 C of protein shake (which I made thin) about every 2-3 hours. I also ate thin cream of wheat with OhYeah! brand shake in vanilla (ready to drink). SF popsicles housebrand from Ralph's Market tasted better than Popsicle brand. I ate those when I could not eat anything else. They were a fluid source for me as well.

Cold drinks are pretty dense and can be hard on the pouch, especially a new pouch. I stuck with warm herbal tea in the am. Honey, vanilla, chamomile is my fav. It was VERY soothing.

What you describe sounds 'normal' and what is normal for some, others do not experience.

I can eat beef with gravy, but cannot take ground turkey...go figure!

Heather in San Diego
HW-255, GW-140 CW-141
on 7/8/11 5:51 am
i had my RNY on June 16th, and i still sometimes get that sensation when i drink cold or any liqiuds if it's been longer then a 1/2 an hour from the time i drank last,,,it's a small cramping feeling ,,i don't get it all the time but i think it's the pouch still in the healing process and feeling a tad bit sensitive at times,,i wasn't able to get all my liquids in and protiens in at first either,but i just keep trying to cram as much as i can and still be comfortable,,,,,i have started just putting unflavored protien in absolutly everything i eat,and double up in my protien shakes,i am able to eat eggs and fish and cottage cheese now so that helps,,each day you'll find it gets easier as time heals us,,sounds like your on your way to me,,:)
on 7/8/11 9:49 am - Burlington, NC
I would like to thank you all for your comments... they are greatly appreciated and taken!  I just at the beginning of this journey, but it is turning out to be a blessed one!  Take care and much success on your journies!!!