John Travolta acknowledge my weight loss! No kidding!

Tina Mendonca
on 7/8/11 10:13 am - Merced, CA
Yes, he sure did...not in person, but this is proof that he does read his mail. I wrote to John Travolta and told him about my weight loss and what I have been going thrugh and sent him my before and after pictures. I requested a personalized autographed picture and he sent me one!!!!! I'm super excited I can't keep from smiling!!!! So here it is..I wanted to share it with all of you.

'To Tina Great work! Positive thoughts sent your way. John Travolta'
on 7/8/11 10:15 am - VA
on 7/8/11 10:41 am
That's awesome, you look beautiful!
Tina Mendonca
on 7/8/11 12:28 pm - Merced, CA
Thank you!
Kenyatta W.
on 7/8/11 10:43 am - Indianapolis, IN
RNY on 01/07/13 with

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on 7/8/11 11:02 am - Germany
 That is so awesome. Great picture of him too!
Proud army wife and mom of 2 ♥       
on 7/8/11 11:22 am - Brick, NJ
AWESOME! Love him xoxo
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Antonia R.
on 7/8/11 12:07 pm - University Park, IL
VSG on 06/11/13
That's really cool!!!!!!!
I love him. I found out he wears lace front wigs........A wiggy after my own
Tina Mendonca
on 7/8/11 12:26 pm - Merced, CA
Thanks, you guys! It really lifted my spirits to get this. My headaches haven't totally been resolved, but I'm hangin' in there! Hopefully this 'high' will last me a couple of days if not the rest of my life! I'm just so excited and happy to have gotten this from John himself.
Holly O.
on 7/9/11 12:16 am - FL
So cool!!  He is so handsome!!!  Congratuations on your weight loss!!!  -Holly