Hunger after surgery ??? or Gas

on 7/15/11 8:06 am - Stockton, CA
Hello, I had my RNY surgery 7/11/11 and I find I am getting hungry fast. I think it may be gas rumbling in my stomach rather than hunger pain, dont know what it is. I'm still trying to get my fluids in without pain, any suggestions ?? Anyone go through this?? what's really good to help with this in week 1 and 2 ???
on 7/15/11 9:40 am

Hi, I had my RNY surgery on 7/12/11. Can't really differentiate between gas and hunger, so I make sure that I have 5 oz of fluid every hour, homemade broth, surgar free popsicle, crystal light and water. It staves off the hunger. I take really slow slips and stop when I'm feeling full. I've been able to get my fluids down, but still have a lot of gas, which is the most uncomfortable for me.

on 7/15/11 10:15 am - KY
I am almost 10 days out, im not longer in pain or such, most of the gas is gone... what I am finding is your desire for food and wanting to eat whenver doesnt necessarliy go away... but when it is time for you to eat, 2 oz'struly fill you up sometimes you cant even finish 2 oz. so just get up and move and the gas will leave and hydrate, and when those hunger spells of thinking of the "old days" of eating just fight throught it ( I am saying this as my son is in front of me eating a BLT sandwich! it sucks but the bigger picture is so much more important!)
on 7/15/11 4:32 pm - Stockton, CA
Your definately right, Its just old behavior. I get so full of the small amount of liquid i try to drink. Do you still feel mild pain anymore, thats what i wish will go away, I have to take med just in order to drink anything, the pain... I dont feel nausious at all, or feel like vomiting so thats a plus....
on 7/15/11 4:02 pm - MN
Sip, Sip, Sip.   The pain could be from drinking too much at once.  When I was struggling getting my water, while I was at home I would set an alarm on my phone to go off at 15 minutes and then I would drink an ounce and reset it for 15 minutes later.  I know that is a total pain, but it helped me get my water in.  I struggle even now to get in enough water, when I am at work as much as possible I keep a water bottle in my hand, if it's in my hand or near me I will drink it.  Also working out makes you more thirsty, so for now get some walking in.  When you are released for more rigorous exercise get yourself into some type of exercise routine (I waited until 4 months and kept telling myself I was doing enough, now I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and have a personal training)

I don't know if what you are feeling is really hunger.  The way it was explained to me (and I know we don't always get told the truth, so take it for what its worth) the nerves to our old stomach was cut and the new ones haven't had a chance to heal in a short period of time. 

It took a long time for me to feel real hunger, and even now it's nothing like hunger I used to feel before surgery.  Now I can drink some water and be fine. 

I definitely could still be gas.  I was on Zantac for three months after surgery, did you dr. put you on anything like that for gas/heartburn?
on 7/15/11 4:29 pm - Stockton, CA

Hello, Yes my Dr. put me on Zantac also, I am just going through the norm. I do feel hungry, however when i try to eat anything protein, water, Bullion I feel so full with just small sips, that my new stomach hurts, so I stop trying to get anything in. I will take your advice and try my best to get my fluids in.

on 7/15/11 4:34 pm - Stockton, CA
well I will hang in there and you do the same, I also tried your method of 5oz per hour that's something i can live with..
Kim H.
on 7/16/11 12:09 am - VA
RNY on 07/11/11 with
I have a timer set to go off every five minutes and I take 2 sips. I can't seem to drink more than that without discomfort or full-on pain. I have mouth hunger- like I want to taste things- but no body hunger yet. My belly rumbles but it's just gas for me. Still in pain but getting better daily. But keep drinking and see if you can figure out how many sips it takes to be safe...then just repeat every few minutes all day long. :)
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