Surgery tomorrow (7/18) -- How much did you lose in first 2-4 weeks?

Jeni R.
on 7/17/11 4:36 am
RNY on 07/18/11 with
Hello all:

I go in for my surgery (laparoscopic RNY) tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM. I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM.

I am curious about much weight did you all lose in the first two weeks? Month? I realize that everyone is different.

I am excited about my surgery and just thought I would ask how quickly it came off for different folks.

Thank you!


Lisa R.
on 7/17/11 4:46 am - CA
My doctor said that he expects his patients to lose 20% of there excess weight in the first month.  So I lost 22lbs the first month, which was more then 20% as I only had 90 to lose,

So, if you have 100lbs to lose, you should lose 20lbs, if you have 150lbs to lose you should lose around 30lbs.  That is what is expected.  

You can lose more, like I did, or you can lose less like my friend who had the surgery the day after me with the same doctor.  She only lost 19 in her first 4 2weeks, but she is picking up now

Once time a person comment to me on this website "how much did you expect to lose"  I thought that was a good question because I did not set any expectation.  You need to stay realistic with your weight loss, it might seem to come off fast to the people around you, but to you it is going to come off SOOOO SLOW!!  But it just seems that way.  It is coming off, just remember to be realistic.

Congrats and good luck tomorrow!  Make sure to pack chap stick for the hospital.  That was my best friend right after surgery.  When they ripped off the tape from my mouth after the procedure they took off some skin and it hurt like hell for days. 
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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/10/11 10:06 pm - OH
Your surgeon has VERY high expectations and, to be completely honest, I am a little concerned about you passing along such high expectations to others here.    I understand that you are just passing along what your surgeon says, but people get so freaked out about early weight loss, anyway, that I feel obligated to say something.

While your surgeon's percentage may work fine for people with less to lose (and maybe he doesn't do surgery on many people with 150+ pounds to lose), expecting someone who needs to lose 150 pounds to lose 30 pounds, or, even worse, expecting someone who has 200 excess pounds to lose 40 pounds just in that first month is CRAZY... and -- what is distressing to me -- is setting them up for feeling like a failure only a month into their surgery!)

So... for anyone who is still pre-op and has a LARGE amount of weight to lose, please do NOT read this and expect to lose 20% of it in the first month!


14 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

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Lisa R.
on 9/11/11 2:20 am - CA
Did you read my whole post or did you stop at the 20% comment.  I did go on to state in my post that many people do not lose 20% of their weight in the first month and that is ok.  

The person asked the question, we give answers.  I never take what people say here to be the absolute truth since the people on here are not medically trained.  I do respect and appreciate the advice they have to offer considering that they have actually gone through the surgery unlike our doctors and nurses.  

You might not like the answers that some people give, and I can understand why you would are sensitive about people setting expectations to high for pre ops and early post ops (having read some of your posts).  You are right, maybe 20% is setting it a bit high.  But as you noticed I was passing on what my surgeon told me.  Of course we know not everything they say is true:

Soda stretches your pouch (false)
Eating small meal all day long will stretches your pouch (false) 

I doubt anyone is reading this post since it is so old, but to go further on Lora'a advice, do not just randomly believe anything that ANYONE tells you, look into things yourself, collect data, use your own experience and then make a judgment for yourself.

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. ~ Ayn Rand        
on 7/17/11 5:18 am - Canada
First off good luck tomorrow!! Be prepared to gain weight the first few days. When i left the hospital i had gained 10lbs....... obviously all water weight, but it was a little disheartning. I didnt weigh myself until 4 weeks and 3 days out and i was down 45 lbs. so 35 lbs if you dont count that 10 lb water gain.
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Carrie S.
on 7/17/11 5:29 am - Asheville, NC
 I'm almost 4 weeks out and have lost 14.4 lbs since the morning of my surgery.

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on 7/17/11 5:36 am - Grand Blanc, MI


Good Luck Tomorrow!!         

I was a slow starter - but about a month into the process I was loosing about pound about every 3 days!  When you get into that quick drop phase, really take advantage of it!   Really work the food plan, gentle exercise (you don't want to go too aggressive otherwise your body will hold onto fat), and sip lots of water ... but not while eating!!

Some folks even get a little stall right after their surgery ... their bodies are say, "Hey, what the heck did you just do to me?!?"  You'll suddenly be eating so much less food, you'll be spending a lot of time sitting around healing, and you've re-routed the food's path though your body - so It's only normal that your body would have a little reaction to that!!  If you get a little stall - just hang in there and look at all the photos of the success on this web site!  You'll be shopping for new clothing before you know it!!

on 7/17/11 6:27 am
I will be two weeks out on Tuesday and I am down 19 lbs from my weight the day of surger.
Tim T.
on 7/17/11 9:25 am - Eastham, MA
My stats exactly!!
on 7/17/11 7:18 am
Just wanted to wish you luck.  I had my surgery last Monday.  Home, enjoying small amounts of cream soups, still trying shakes, (don't like the aftertaste).  No problems drinking or eating.  I hope you do as well. 
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