did not know where to go women only !!! help !!

on 7/19/11 2:05 am
OK women i did not know where to post this but after the gastric bypass i cant take ib prophen or pamprin for my cramps and i cramp very very bad what can i take what can i suggest to the Dr any ideas i go to the Dr. today  thank you for your input :)
Cheryl Allan
on 7/19/11 2:07 am - Canada
I was told I could take pamprin but not the Ib pamprin( one with Ibprohen), I shall have to go check into it now lol
Cheryl Allan

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on 7/19/11 2:08 am
Thank you i did not know they had 2 types of pamprin  good to learn
on 7/19/11 2:11 am - VA
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I would ask them to prescribe you either a narcotic or something like Ultram.  I am in the same boat, I have taken 800mg Motrin for cramps since I was 16 and that was the only thing that ever worked for me, plus a heating pad.  Luckily I was still 1 week post op when I got my last period and still had pain meds left from surgery and they worked wonders.  Don't be afraid to ask your doc.  Good luck!
on 7/19/11 2:16 am
yeah im going to ask because last time i was hurting nothing help for 3 hours straight still not not work well but i fell asleep due to crying so hard
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on 7/19/11 3:42 am - Santa Cruz, CA
My surgeon gave me Lortab post-op;  that's liquid and very good for pain.

You might want to try that.

good luck--I know what horrible cramps are like.
on 7/19/11 11:28 am - CA
I LOVE my liquid Lortab. I got it for the forst time after my surgery, then again for a kidney stone, then again after my kidney stone surgery. I am thinking about asking for it for cramps, but I don't want to get addicted to it or anything.

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on 7/19/11 12:25 pm - Santa Cruz, CA
I'm sure that if you use it judiciously, without overuse, you won't have any problems.  Just for pain relief, and only once or twice.  The worst of the cramps should only last one day or so.

You might want to talk to your doctor about widening your cervix;  I found that the birth of my first child totally stopped the horrible cramping.  The opening of the cervix was no longer so small that the terrible clots couldn't pass. 

Good luck.
Carrie W.
on 7/19/11 2:34 am - KY
My PCP gave me tramadol (Ultram) like so many others on here.  It works but I have to take it when I first start feeling achy and keep taking it.  I didn't cramp like this before surgery.  Ladies here say it gets better over time.  Good luck, I hope you find something that gives you some relief!
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on 7/19/11 2:47 am

A huge thanks to every one you have been such a help i will ask my dr also  was looking on line and i saw that this medicin is supposed to be good cause it is liquid im going to try that too

Tylenol extra strength pain reliever and fever reducer, cherry - 8 oz