First Post - One week out

on 7/20/11 9:28 am - SC
1 week out! I woke up feeling 100% better than yesterday. Today's the first day I really felt good when I got up. So far no problems with any foods (yea) but I'm honestly not taking my vitamins enough. I just can't seem to get them both in, and I hate the B-12 stuff. Suggestions?
Price S.
on 7/20/11 9:32 am - Mills River, NC
Sounds like you are doing great.  Are you using B12 sublingual?  there are different brands.  Mine is Spring Valley and it dissolves quickly and taste fine.  You taste will change so don't throw them out.  They may taste better later.
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on 7/20/11 9:53 am - SC
Thanks for the info!!">">>
on 7/20/11 11:13 am - OH
For the vitamins, try to focus on the multi and iron right now.  The ASMBS says you can wait until you're 30 days out to start calcium if you want.  And they actually say you can wait as long as three months to start B12.

If you don't like the sublingual B12, try a different brand because they don't all taste the same.  Or ask your doc for a prescription for the nasal spray or injections.

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on 7/24/11 1:24 am
I am so proud of you!  Mom you are such an inspiration!  I love you so much!!  I cant wait for my new life to begin in August! 

Love you Mommy!!!!!
on 7/24/11 1:27 am - Gaithersburg, MD
 You can work up to all your vitamins within the first month.

For b12 I take trader joes. It doesn't taste like anything and it dissolves super quick. Some of them just don't dissolve quick at all so you can taste the a lot.
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