2months post-op YAY & concerns on prolong effects

Carmen Romero
on 7/21/11 5:03 am
Well i'm almost 2mo post op and down -30 YAY!

Today I came across this website that freaked me out...it talked about all the bad stuff that can happen to you down the road. I must say it really scared me:(

but i'm glad we have this website that state otherwise...i have read lots of blogs on people have been years post op and so far nothing to major compare to the website i was reading on.

needless to say i'm happy but i still can't aviod being concern:/
on 7/21/11 5:06 am - Tucson, AZ

Stay off those websites, but don't stick your head in the sand either.  Yes, there are complications that some post ops get, but its not the majority.  Hell, we could get hit by a bus tommorrow.  I prefer to look at the cup half full if you know what I mean. One day at a time.  Good luck to you.


on 7/21/11 5:46 am - OH
What was the website?  Did it cite studies and provide real date, or was it just a bunch of scare tactics?

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