Had surgery 18 July and feeling good!

Jeni R.
on 7/24/11 6:42 am
RNY on 07/18/11 with

This is Jeni aka DreamUniverse. I changed my avatar and the display of my name.

I am six days out. I am staying at my parents' house while they take care of me.

I have pretty good energy and hurt less every day. Mentally/spiritually, I am excellent. I am glad I did this and would do it all over again if I had to. I know I did the right thing.

It is a challenge being on the liquid diet. However, I realize it won't last forever. :)

Today, Mom took me to Walmart and I got to walk around the store and get some items. It was the most walking I did since before the surgery. I haven't been out a lot because of the heat, however I have been trying to walk around the house when I can. I got to stay at my apartment for a few hours yesterday and snuggle my kitty cat. :)

Overall I am doing well. Every day I am doing better.

Jessica A.
on 7/24/11 7:01 am - Auburn, AL
 Congrats to you!  It's always good to hear when someone is doing well so soon after surgery.  
on 7/24/11 7:22 am - VA
RNY on 07/19/11 with
 Hi Jeni:
I could have posted the same message!  I had surgery on the 19th and I feel pretty good too...pretty surprising actually considering all that was done.  I'm also staying with my folks to let them take care of me.  The heat in VA has also been very oppressive but I have gone out a few times to walk and plan to do it again this evening.   I hope to return home tomorrow.  Good luck to you on your journey!
on 7/24/11 7:28 am - Williams, AZ
Hi Jeni,
I had surgery on the 19. So far so good. My husband is home taking care of me too. The only problem I am having is this headache. I keep getting one everyday. They gave me liquid Loratab and said take it for the headaches too. I think it's a little extreme for a headache but I have had to take it when needed. Walked today with my daughter and grandson's for a few blocks. Felt great but came home and took a nap. Tomorrow is pureed foods so I'm hoping to be able to get in all the protien needed. Good luck to you and welcome to the Losers Bench.
HW 272 / SW 242 / GW 150      
on 7/24/11 7:38 am - CA
I had surgery on the 18th also and I too am feeling great! You're not lying about this liquid diet but I just remind myself why I'm doing this and of my surgery night when I could have no liquids at all and I get over it
on 7/24/11 8:38 am - TX
I also had my surgery the 18th and feel great! A new adventure has begun!
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Mindy B.
on 7/24/11 9:59 am
Great to hear you are doing so well!!

I had mine on the 21st...and feeling pretty good too.  I am kinda sick of lying around and not doing much.  I do get up to get my walks in...but then back to the couch/recliner I go!! :)

The full liquid diet is already getting old, but I have a week and a half of that left.  I just think how excited I will be to go on soft foods!!  It is worth the wait.

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Surgery weight:  287.5

on 7/24/11 10:26 am - Ft Campbell, KY
Its great seeing all of you ladies doing so well. I haven't scheduled my surgery yet (all of the surgeons are currently deployed), but I am nervous about the first couple weeks post-op. My husband will be deployed and I have an almost 11 month old at the time. My mom will be here to help me out, but then I will be on my own! I'm SO excited that you all started this adventure "together" and are all doing so well.
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