woo hoo!!! got my date

on 7/25/11 9:22 am - MD
so it's set!!! my surgery is scheduled for August 8th at 1045am...now the rush is on to get all my appointments done. as far as preop bloodwork...what are they testing for?? just curious
on 7/25/11 9:26 am - fort knox, KY
congrats!! I have no idea what they are looking for I have not had mine done yet, my date is Aug 26th haven't gotten the time but I hope to get that this week and get all my other things set up and ready to go! Again, congrats and keep us updated!! 
on 7/25/11 9:42 am - VA
 Congrats!  Same date as mine!  I did all my bloodwork back in April and they said they test for everything like iron levels, how well your blood clots, blood cell levels, different vitamin levels...all that fun stuff!  
Congrats again!
   HW: 400lbs+,  SW: 310lbs, CW: 218lbs, GW: 150lbs        
on 7/25/11 11:43 pm - MD
we will all be there together, so glad to hear that!! congrats to both of you for getting your dates we will be on the losers bench soon
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