RNY after sleeve

on 7/28/11 5:53 pm - United Arab Emirates
Hi - did any of you get the RNY after a sleeve?

A surgeon in the UK is proposing this for my mum and I can't find much on this as I know the usual conversion is to DS.

If anyone had it - did the surgeon change the sleeve part of your stomach or just do the bypass part of the op.

Any other information you can share would be appreciated.

Thank you

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on 7/28/11 7:55 pm
If I am correct, this is the second phase that results in the DS.  When I was trying to decide whether to have the RNY or sleeve, my surgeon told me with the sleeve, if we regain, he can go back in and reroute the intestines.  With the RNY once it's done, that's it.  I did not qualify for the DS because my BMI was not high enough.  Many times the DS is done in a two step process.  Post this on the DS board.  They can probably help give you more info.

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