3 weeks out and Gaining What ?????

on 7/29/11 12:27 pm, edited 7/29/11 12:28 pm - Stockton, CA
I am almost 3 weeks post-op RNY 7/11/11, and I have gained 6lbs. My PCP recently stopped one of  blood pressure meds which was a diaretic and its seems since then I have gained weight. I eat  the nessasary foods and drinks  I am told to, also I do some walking everyday, at least 20-30 min, but not losing anymore.  Has this ever happened to anyone and then the pounds just start shedding ???????

I almost feel as If Is this really gonna happen for me ?
Barbara C.
on 7/29/11 12:42 pm - Raleigh, NC


I have heard of this happening. Just keep doing what your Dr has told you and make sure that you let your surgeon's office know what's happening regarding the change in your meds and the temporary weight gain. Make sure that you are staying hydrated, getting in your protein, and walking.  I had something similar happen to me where I lost for a few days and then hit a wall (and actually that's not all that uncommon). My Dr told me to just stay with the program and then the weight would start to come off again and it did. He said that I could expect that my weight would drop and stop like stairs, instead of sliding off and he was right. 

Call your Dr's office and hang in there. You're doing fine and a year from now you'll be amazed at the difference.

All the best,

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on 7/29/11 12:46 pm - Stockton, CA
Thanks Barbara C. for the kind advise, that makes me feel better and not so alone.
Rebecca H.
on 7/29/11 1:17 pm
It's water weight gain. my PCP took me off my blood pressure med, a diureti****pt drinking my water. I didn't gain weight but I haven't lost any lbs since she took me off of it. I can tell that my clothes are fitting better so I'm trying not to get discouraged.
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