on 8/10/11 9:20 am
when did everyone start to eat salads??? Im about 10 weeks out and am craving salad so bad.
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on 8/10/11 9:26 am
I started salads 8 weeks out
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on 8/10/11 9:28 am
I ate my first salad at about 10 weeks, but I only take a couple bites. 
It kinda goes straight through me.

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on 8/10/11 9:33 am - Germantown, MD
 Started at 3 months

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on 8/10/11 9:35 am - Durham, NC
I started at 8 weeks out and was told only 'butter' lettuce. I've stuck to that and had no problems. In fact I just ate a nice big salad with my turkey meatloaf this evening. I found a salad dressing with no carbs, no calories, no fat, but lots of flavor. I love my salads.

on 8/10/11 9:35 am
My puch hates raw veggies- I am a year out- so no salads :(
on 8/10/11 9:59 am
I began at 8 weeks and did butter lettuce and cukes peeled. No problem. I had to...I was craving one so bad.
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Mia H.
on 8/10/11 10:25 am - OH
 I started salads this week (8 weeks).  I did a lettuce mix, baby cucumbers thinly sliced, grape tomatoes cut into quarters, shrimp, and cheese.  I put the dressing on the side.  Dipped my fork in the dressing then the salad.  I made sure to eat the cheese and shrimp first.  It was pretty good.  I have been craving fresh veggies and fruits and loving it.  Watermelon btw is so much better than candy/cookies now, who would have thought that!  LOL 
on 8/10/11 11:39 am
My surgeon told me to start with a small amount of shredded lettuce to see how my pounch reacted because apparently a lot of people have issues with it. I have had no problems whatsoever! I started eating salads at about 8 weeks out and have been eating them ever since! My pouch loves it more than anything else I eat!!! Guess I'm lucky in that aspect!

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on 8/10/11 1:22 pm - Kuna, ID
I am 6 weeks out and had my first bit of salad this week. Just romaine lettuce and cheese and lite dressing. I ate about 6 bites and my pouched liked it just fine. Every person is different though.