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on 8/10/11 9:56 pm - Burlington, NC
HI All,

I attended my monthly support group last night and it was so motivational.  I will admit that it took an effort to make the 20 minute drive once I got home.  But, I was glad to do it in the end.  I made sure to tell all my peers that obesityhelp was a great place to share and find answers to questions.

Now, I am letting you all know that if possible and you haven't done so, please find a support group in your area to fellowship and develop intimate relationship with people that are on the same journey as yourself.  It is such a relief to share with people that have a deeper understanding of this journey that are not in my everday life.  I have only attended 2 meetings and are already developing relationships. 

So, that being said...  I would like to thank all of you for sharing and encourage the people who haven't do so.......  to find a support group in their area.

Have a Bleesed Day,

Surgery Date 6/30/2011          
on 8/10/11 10:52 pm
 I'm looking forward to attending my first post-op group on the 31st.  Unfortunately, the location is over 60 minutes away, so that may prevent me from going monthly, but I am looking forward to meeting some locale postops.  Thanks for the endorsement! 

RNY, 8/1/2011
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on 8/10/11 11:43 pm
Evelyn,,you are such a sweet and down to earth spirit ,i can't imagine anyone not wanting to fellowship with you,,,i love reading your posts,,they are so inspirational,thanks
on 8/11/11 12:31 am - Burlington, NC
Thanks D-J....   you have made my day.  I am thinking, the things you sense in me are in you also.  Thanks for uplifting my day!


Surgery Date 6/30/2011          
on 8/10/11 11:52 pm
My first group meeting is tues. The psychologist will be there to talk to pre and post ops.

Im excited.

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