I have a problem

on 8/12/11 7:09 am - MO
Ok so I was so excited yesterday morning my surgens office called and set up my surgery witch is on september 6th, and i have my preop class on august 22 witch i will have some last minute blood work and a chest xray following my 4 hour class,
then last night my mom calls me and I was told my grandma passed away :( , all the family got together today at my moms to mourn our loss together and comfort 1 another and look at pics and put some pics together for the service,
I got a little to emotional and was crying and i smoked 2 ciggerettes while I was out their, I know I shouldnt have :( im beating my self up enough but now im terrified im going to be tested on the 22nd and they are going to cancel my surgery and I dunno what to do. :( the funeral is tommoro and im hoping i can get up enough courage to go thru this with out any more ciggerettes but im at a los im morning the loss of my grandma and scared ****less they are gonna cancel my surgery
any advice?
on 8/12/11 7:30 am

My company tests for tobacco on new hires.  If they give you a urine test I think tobacco only stays in your system 48-72 hours. I'm not sure if it stays longer if they do a blood test.  Just try not to smoke anymore.  If you come back positive explain the situation.



on 8/12/11 7:40 am - AZ
Stop smoking! Your health is important. Think about why you are doing surgery. You are stressed but you have the strength to stop. Imagine the day that you could be rejected for surgery. Would you say the cigarettes are worth it? Now be strong my sister on your journey to success pick your head up and hang in there you can do it!
on 8/12/11 7:44 am - Fresno, CA
Everywhere I've looked says anywhere from 48-96 hours. Drinking lots of water and exercising helps to flush your system too.
Dave Chambers
on 8/12/11 7:46 am - Mira Loma, CA
It's up to your surgeon. You may get some understanding, or there may be a hard fast rule of a positive nicotine test and no surgery.  Smoking post op leads to the high possibility of ulcers, requiring surgery, one or more.   Stressors will lead to eat the wrong things too, so you need to figure out how to deal with this issue.  Hope you get your surgery. DAVE

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on 8/12/11 7:48 am, edited 8/12/11 7:48 am - Canton, OH
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. I hope you will find some comfort in your memories of her.  

I just spoke to a lab tech today when I had some blood work done. I had asked her about my fiance testing positive for nicotine since he is using the nicotine patches. ( btw..the pre-surgery test can tell the difference)  The nicotine is out of your system within a day or two, but it is NOT only nicotine that they are testing for, It is the BY-PRODUCTS of cigarettes (such as carbon monoxide) that they also test for. These by-products can remain in your system for 2 weeks or longer.     

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on 8/12/11 10:37 am - Parkton, MD

No one ever tested me for nicotine - I can't beleive they do that!!!

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on 8/12/11 11:23 am - MO
Thanks everyone  for your replies
Jessica M.
on 8/13/11 1:58 am - Midlothian, TX
You can still be excited about your upcoming surgery! In fact you should be! Do not try to hide the fact that you smoked two cigerettes following a stressful time. However, BE AWARE that this is a trigger for you. How to manage and cope without turning to things that are harmful or detrimental to your health especially following weight loss surgery. Seek help from the professionals on dealing and coping with stress during this time. WLS is stressful, painful and mournful all at the same time. Look at this as a blessing so that you can be prepared post-op on managing emotions, which it seems like it's difficult for you at this time to do.

Let your surgeon know that you smoked and it was a wake up call for you on needing more tools to cope with emotional issues.... Be proactive not guilt driven.

I am sorry for you loss, losing our loved ones are never easy no matter what age we are. Find comfort and peace in God.

God Bless you.
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