Ima miss you food!!!!!!!

on 8/15/11 4:18 am - MO
So My surgery got bumped up to the 31st of this month insted of september 6th. So now i have to start liquids on the 17th almost a week sooner.
only gives me the rest of today and tommorow to eat my last meals!
The only thing I even want is orange surbert.. lol
Ima MISS YOU FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
on 8/15/11 4:21 am - Lake, MS
Awww... I wish I could tell you that missing food will get better soon....but....for me it took about 3 months to get used to what I could and could not eat and being able to deal with it.  Sometimes it is still hard and I don't think it is so much the actual food that I missed.  I think it's the comfort that it gave me.
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I love my new life!!!
on 8/15/11 4:22 am - OH
Those are absolutely NOT your last meals!  After surgery, you will eat all kinds of delicious, healthy meals.  Get some orange sherbet if you want it.  Nothing wrong with that.  But please don't feel like you have to eat everything you like and as much as you can because you're never going to eat food you like again.  You are not saying goodbye to food.  You will just be changing your relationship to food, to a healthier relationship.

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on 8/15/11 4:24 am - Boston, MA
 don't do it!! not worth it and they are NOT your last meals... since I was cleared for solids I have not had a problem eating anything I wanted, not a single problem! so you WILL be able to eat again just smaller amounts!
Jane N.
on 8/15/11 4:26 am - Round Rock, TX
It's interesting that most people go through a pre surgery grieving process about food.  I know I did.  I had a lot of "lasts."  The worst was during the 2-week presurgery diet when I had to limit myself to about 15 g of carbs a day.  Today, a year out from surgery I realize that there was no farewell to food really.  A temporary exile while being limited to liquid and pureed foods and then the whole array of delicious foods opens back up.  Today so far I've had a breakfast taco (eggs, onions, hot sauce on a carb control tortilla) and cottage cheese and fresh cherries for a snack.  Dinner tonight will include some fresh veggies from the farmers market and some fajita chicken that I cooked up a few days ago.  Life is good and food is great on this side.  Just keep your eye on the prize through these tough presurgery and recent surgery weeks and you'll be fine!

on 8/15/11 4:35 am - MO
Thanks evry one for your responses.
Im feeling pretty good about the liquid diet. My kids start school on the 17th to so I wont have to fix them lunches during the day that should help. My hubby is an otr driver so hes gone monday thru friday so that will help a bit to. Ill just have to feed the kids in the morning and cook at night. I can do this!!
T. Deeds
on 8/15/11 5:12 am
Just think of all the wonderful things that you're going to be able to do after your surgery!  There isn't any food that's worth trading for the NSV's that have happened since my surgery.


on 8/16/11 10:11 pm - TX
trust me you wont miss food atleast i dont after surgery you dont feel hungry and when u do eat u get full so quick that food doesnt even matter anymore u will actually have to force urself to eat and good luck on ur journey
on 8/22/11 1:02 pm - TN
I really miss how good food use to taste to me.  Sometimes I feel like I lost my best friend .  I eat to live instead  live to eat.  Food just doesn't taste the same or I enjoy it like I use to.  But  I have never had any regrets on having the rny surgery.  I guess if I enjoyed food like I use to, then I might be eating too much and not loose as good as I have.  I see now why we had to have our mind ready for the surgery because  it  will change how we use to look at food.  I have never  regreted having this surgery. I am so glad that I had it and proud of what I  have done ( 77 pounds in  4 1/2 months).
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